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JAC Vapour Series-S22 Kit unboxing review

Here is the JAC Vapour Series-S22 green kit featuring a cool and unique design (a combination between a vape pen and a vape mod). This is the kit we are going to review today to find out if it’s an amazing option for you or not, here we go.

There are two colors you can choose from: black or green.

The kit includes: one Series-S22 2600 mAh battery, one Series-S22 Top fill tank, one mouth to lung 1.0 ohm S-MTL coil, one micro USB cable(the terminals of the usb cable are red) and one user manual.

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360° of JAC Vapour Series-S22 Kit

Use your pointing device to rotate the object in this image

    SERIES-S22 Battery SERIES-S22 TF(Top Fill) Tank
    Power: un-regulated from 4.20v to 3.10vDiameter: 22.00mm
    Size : 82.00mm * 22.00mm * 27.00mmDimensions: 22.00mm * 31.00mm
    Min resistance: 0.50 OhmCapacity: 2ml(TPD compliant)
    Connector: 510
    Battery Capacity: 2600mAh
    Body: Steel alloy with rubber oil finish (available in black or green)
    Charge time: approx. 2.5 hours


    JAC Vapour Series-S22 in hand green review

    Overtime Protection

    The battery will automatically cease output and the power indicator light will flash 6 times if the power button is held down for more than 10 seconds.

    Low voltage protection

    When the remaining voltage of the battery drops below 3.1V, the power indicator light will flash red 10 times and output will cease.

    Short circuit protection

    If the battery detects a short-circuit, the power indicator light will flash a multi-coloured light three times.

    Low ohm protection

    If a damaged coil, or a coil with too low od a resistance, is used, the battery will flash a multi-coloured light 3 times.

    Overcharge protection

    The device will stop accepting a charge once fully charged. The device, however, should always be removed from the charger once charging is complete.

    Battery ventilation

    The battery has built-in vents around the USB connector and the charging LED to allow venting if necessary.

    Tough Construction

    Very resistant and high-quality materials used. Constructed of steel alloy with rubber oil finish (black or green).

    JAC Vapour Series-S22 green in hand review

    Diving in

    JAC Vapor Series-S22 unboxing review

    JAC Vapour Series-S22 Kit

    The JAC Vapour Series-S22 Kit has a modern look. It is pen-shaped and it is made of Steel alloy with a rubber oil finish. The mod feels very comfortable in hand, is very nice on touch and it also looks pretty resistant to scratches.

    In fact, before the photo shooting of the Series-S22, the e-cigarette has suffered some light damage due to a falling from a height of three meters(by mistake). As you can see from the photos(is you pay attention) the top of the atomizer and one corner of the mod, have bend.

    After that incident, the JAC Vapour Series-S22 is working as expected. No glass breaking or other heavy damage. I was expecting to worse(to find it in pieces). So, I can confirm that Series-S22 starter kit has a tough construction and is very resistant to falls and scratches.

    Let’s talk about options. There are two colors available and whether you choose the black or the green, both of them look awesome. The green edition will also include some black touches as the fire button and the drip tip. In comparison, the black mod will be fully black.

    The fire button is made of rubber and it is pretty clicky. The fire button is the only button available on the mod, therefore it will be pretty easy for a beginner to use the device. By pressing the fire button once you will activate the atomizer. Five clicks on the fire button will lock the device while the same five clicks will unlock it. Simple as that!

    Since there is no screen, plus or minus button you can forget about menus and complicated settings. This can be a huge con for experienced vapers who love to personalize their vaping experience. But for a beginner, this mod can be the ideal option. The mod also has two LED lights that are positioned on one side. One of them is under the fire button, it lights up when the mod is used. The other LED light is hidden in the JAC Vapor logo and is active when the mod is charging indicating the status of the charging process.

    The battery is built-in with a capacity of 2600 mAh providing enough power to operate the mod throughout a whole day or even two.

    You can find the USB port at the bottom of the device and you can use the cable from the package to charge the mod. A nice surprise is that the mod includes the pass-through feature. This means you can vape while the device is charging in case you run out of battery.

    JAC Vapour Series-S22 review

    The mod has a 510 spring connector which will help the tank to sit and to make a perfect connection.
    In the kit, you will also find the tank that is made of Stainless Steel and Pyrex Glass. The airflow is adjustable and the tank features a quick-fill system that will help you fill up the tank faster than ever.

    The capacity of the tank is of 2ml(TPD compliant) which is not enough for the whole day but of course, you can carry the juice with you and refill it with ease when needed.

    The minimum resistance supported by the mod is 0.5ohm and the power ranges from 4.2V to 3.1V. The mod supports coils for MTL(mouth to lung) and DL(direct lung).

    Of course, we cannot pass over the safety features that the mod has, such as the overcharge protection, the short circuit, the high amp draw protection and more. The mod has the venting holes on the very bottom, providing good heat dissipation.

    The vaping experience is pretty smooth with the JAC Vapour Series-S22. The atomizer produces more vapor than expected and the flavor is rich. The battery does last for a whole day under normal use with the DL coil installed.

    For any other details, you can read the user manual that includes comprehendible information for any beginner who wants to know more about how to use the device. The manual has a very nice structure, and it contains all the information you can imagine. Is by far the most complete and well structured vaping product manual I ever had in hand.

    JAC Vapour Series-S22 green review

    We Like

    Very simple to use
    You can still vape while the mod charges(Pass-through feature)
    510 spring loaded
    Quality build with durable materials
    Can be use as DL or MTL mod

    We don’t Like

    USB charging port on the bottom


    As a beginner kit, the JAC Vapour Series S22 with the SERIES-S22 TF(Top Fill) tank that provides as much flavor as the well know Aspire Nautilus 2 is indeed an amazing option. The device is easy to use, nice to touch and very resistant. Any beginner will be happy with this choice. On top of that, the kit also has an affordable price for any pocket.

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    Finish quality
    Used materials
    Value for money
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