Portable Vaporizer Reviews

A portable vaporizer is a small device for vaping concentrates and herbs. The device consists of an internal battery with a material chamber inside. A mouthpiece sits over the material chamber where the user then inhales the vapor.

Portable vaporizers rely on rechargeable batteries that have varying capacities. Most units use USB charging and are pass-through compatible, so users can vape while the device is charging. There are differences between herb and concentrate devices, as most portable reviews like to point out, at least, internally.

Portable herb vaporizers use conduction or convection heating to produce vapor. Their chambers are lined with ceramic or another conductive material to better transfer heat. Concentrate vaporizers are similar but use conduction heating. The material is in direct contact with a heating element, usually a rod/wire combination or a flat-disc atomizer.

Both herb and concentrate vaporizers can have adjustable power and temperature settings, but not always. They usually have only preset settings that users can choose.

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