Desktop Vaporizer Reviews

Desktop vaporizers refer to stationary devices for vaping herb and dry herb material. This type of vaporizer was among the first ways to vaporize anything, even before e-liquid. The Volcano Vaporizer is often mentioned as the pioneer, and it still exists today as one of the most advanced vaporizers of all time.

Desktops are more massive than portable vaporizers, obviously and they are not battery-powered, but use power cords. Their performance is unparalleled. They have high-temperature ranges with adjustable settings via either LEDs or a temperature dial.

Desktops use either whip or balloon inhalation. Whips are medical or food-grade silicone tubes that extend out from the material chamber to deliver vapor directly to the user. A balloon, made from the same material, collects the vapor, which users then cinch closed so they can pass it around and inhale from it.

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