Sub-Ohm Tank Reviews

Sub-ohm tanks are the standard tank atomizers for box-mod vaping. Sub-ohm refers to the resistance of the wire material in the coils being below 1.0ohm. This means that the wire allows for greater power running through them, which leads to more significant, more flavorful clouds.

Sub-ohm tank reviews always mention things like the build material, its diameter, and how much e-juice it can hold. Over the years, sub-ohm tanks became more feature-heavy. Parts like the drip tip and glass section could be customized, with users adding their touches to the tanks.

Users could use a variety of stock coils, with different installation and removal methods. Sub-ohm tanks are one step under rebuildable atomizers that are more for expert vapers. These tanks still offer users a unique vaping experience, as they can produce either a DL or an MTL vaping style.

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