RTA reviews

RTAs are rebuildable tank atomizers that differ from rebuildable dripping atomizers. RTAs have a glass tank section for storing their e-juice, like with sub-ohm tanks. The glass section usually, but not always, sits above or below the build-deck.

More often, though, the build deck sits encased in a carb cap, which is then surrounded by the tank section. When users fill the tank, the coils are immersed in liquid, as the cap has juice ports where the fluid enters to soak the wicks.

RTAs are bigger than RDAs as they have that extra tank section. Refilling an RTA is the same as filling a sub-ohm tank. There is a top cap that users have to remove to get to the fill ports. RTAs also have adjustable airflow, and several have novel airflow designs that are particular to rebuildable atomizers.

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