Dry Herb Atomizer Reviews

Dry herb atomizers are different from standard herb vape pens in many ways. First of all, they are removable and interchangeable, which is something a lot of dry herb tank vape reviews mention. Their versatility is one of the things that set them apart. Users can attach a herb atomizer to any compatible 510-mod to use it with that.

With that said, dry herb atomizers are capable of much higher power outputs than dedicated dry herb devices. As they can attach to mods, box or tube mods, with adjustable settings, these mods give users a wide range to play with.

They can set the device for higher power outputs, but they run the risk of combustion, instead of vaping their material. Dry herb atomizers have a power range between 5 and 20W, anything higher might burn the dry botanical. They also use ceramic as their primary heating element.

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