Pod Vape Reviews

Pod vapes are here to stay, and Vaperevs has reviews of all the major players. Pod mods are popular because they are an alternative to big, high-performing mods. A pod vape is compact, easy-to-use, stylish, and makes great vapor. Our reviews cover both all-in-one devices and those that come with vape pods that are either pre-filled or refillable. Pod mods are excellent for on-the-go vaping.

Vape pod systems are unique because they do not look like regular e-cigs with long tanks and batteries. The battery section is small, compact and square or rectangular in shape. Pod mods are usually a battery with a pod bay where users install the e-liquid cartridge. They are famous for not even using buttons. The device uses individual sensors in the mouthpiece that detect when a user inhales and starts the battery.

Refillable pod vape, and a pod system in general works best with nicotine salts e-liquids, since they create a sensation similar to smoking. Other devices do feature a single-button as a firing/power button. Pod system vape is either open or closed. Open systems are refillable. Closed systems use pre-filled cartridges.

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