Oil Vape Pen Reviews

Oil vape pens offer a convenient, discreet way to vape essential oils, whether CBD and THC-based. They are very simple devices, consisting of the same parts as an e-liquid pen: a removable, (sometimes) refillable tank and a battery.

Users fill their tank or attach the pre-filled container to the battery. They turn on the device and can start vaping right away. While e-liquid is different from oil extracts, atomizers in these tanks often use the same components. Oil vape pens have wicks and coils that are usually made from either cotton or Kanthal wire.

Oil vape pen reviews like to point out that pre-filled cartridges might not be the best option. They are a convenient method to vape, as the tanks need no refilling. But vapers should make sure that they are buying quality oil, free from chemicals and pesticides.

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