E-Liquid Vape Pens

E-liquid vape pens feature removable tanks paired with a slim, lightweight battery. The battery section features a firing button for users to turn on and vape the device. There are versions of an e-liquid vape pen that have automatic functioning. This means that users need only inhale from the tank to activate the battery and coil.

These automatic devices have no buttons, while the manual ones do have switches. Often, e-liquid vape pen reviews will mention whether they are one type or the other. E-liquid vape pens are also a step-up from e-cigs that are self-contained and often disposable. These devices have removable parts, like the coil and tank section, so vapers can change their vaping experience by using a different coil, for example.

E-liquid vape pens come in starter kits, so vapers have everything to maintain and keep using the device. Things like chargers, spare parts, and coils, are all included to keep the equipment in good working order.

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