Dry Herb Vape Pen Reviews

Dry herb vape pens are portable, hand-held devices that can vaporize dry herbs. The devices feature open-mouthed, top-fill material chambers where users load their herbs. Inside the chamber, the material gets heated via either convection or conduction heating, which weed vape pen reviews usually reveal.

Convection heating blows hot air through the chamber, releasing all the active ingredients and creating vapor. Conduction heating is when the herbs come in physical contact with a heating element, creating vapor that way. Convection heating is more common in larger, bulkier devices, while conduction is usual in dry herb vape pens.

Often, a device can have a hybrid of the two. Dry herb vape pens, some of them at least, can also vape marijuana concentrates, by adding a particular chamber or come built that way. To be sure, there are also dedicated concentrates pen, which has their reviews.

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