Wax and Dab Pen Reviews

Anyone looking for the most thorough, and well-written dab pen reviews has to look no further. We cover all brands, makes and models. Our knowledge of dab and wax vaping makes us the only choice for news and reviews of all the latest devices. Our team of writers tests all range of devices, from small, portable pens to larger, two-piece units. They make sure they know everything about it before writing about it.

Dab and wax pens are for vaping marijuana extracts that come in the form of oil or wax. The pens themselves consist of an atomizer and a battery section. Dab and wax pens use a different style of atomizer than e-liquid pens. Pens for concentrates use either a coil/rod atomizer or a flat, disc-shaped heating element. Dab pens can have adjustable features like different temperature and power settings. The majority use one-button controls and are compact and portable. Dab pens offer a unique way to vape marijuana extracts. Users vape only the rich, great-tasting vapor it makes.

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