Vape Pen Reviews

Vape pens are popular for their easy-to-use interfaces and excellent vaping ability. They are so simple compared to box mods. There are a lot of things to scrutinize with vape pens. Since they are all-day, vape-anywhere device they have to be durable. The vapor production has to be somewhere between subtle and intense. Vapers want to feel that throat hit and flavor, without throwing up huge clouds. Charging has to be fast and using the device has to be straightforward as well. All our reviews include this attention to detail.

Vape pens are compact, pen-shaped vaping devices that use a tank/atomizer, and battery combination to vaporize e-liquid. Vape pens are small in size, and they feature simple, one-button or button-less controls. Vape pens are usually plug and play devices. This definition means people do not need to do anything more than turn on the pen to use it. Some pens come with tank sections, which users do have to fill.

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