Mechanical Mod Reviews

Mech mods (mechanical mods), aka tube mods, are mechanical because they are unregulated. Unregulated means that the device has no internal electronics or chip that can moderate power output, for example. Mech mods consist of a copper, stainless steel or brass tube. They feature a long, cylindrical shape, hence the name, with usually a single firing/power button, and a 510 connection up top.

The battery, usually a 18650, a 20700 or a 21700, sends its full current to the coil in the attached atomizer. This unrestrained, or unregulated, power is what makes mech mods so powerful, but so dangerous at the same time. A few tube mods also have adjustable settings, like the voltage levels.

Tube mods or mech mods are only for advanced vapers, which is something every mech mod review says and says often. Vapers who do not understand the importance of battery safety, or who are not familiar with Ohm's law should never use a mech mod. For those who understand batteries and have experiencing vaping, mech mods offer a step-up from other devices.

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