Squonk Mod Reviews

Squonks and squonking refer to the type of mods that allow users to squeeze an exposed juice reservoir to refill an atomizer from below. Unlike with drippers or top-fill sub-ohm tanks, squonks work against gravity, going up instead of down.

Users need not remove the top cap from their RDA, or refill their tanks the old-fashioned way. A squonk needs a compatible atomizer though.

Squonkers work via a special 510-connection between the bottle and the atomizer. Users can install the pin into any compatible RBA to make it squonk-accessible. Squonk mods can be either regulated or unregulated, meaning they have chips and safety features or they do not.

The bottle capacity varies, as well as the type of material, which does have an impact on usability. If a bottle material is too soft, it won't apply enough pressure to transfer the liquid. If it is too hard, then users cannot even apply the pressure.

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