Nic Salt Reviews

Nicotine salts aka nic salts are a type of nicotine found in newer e-juices. The compound is the result of bonding between nicotine and an acid, usually benzoic acid. The result of this bonding process is a potent form of nicotine, different from the free-base variety that e-juices used previously.

Free-base nicotine, the form of nicotine found in tobacco cigarettes, has chemicals added to it to make it easier to absorb in the body. Nicotine salts, while not safer or "natural" in any sense of the word, use only one added component to increase its intensity. This style of e-juice is popular with a particular type of vaper, and best vaped in a specific kind of device.

As nicotine salts have a greater effect in small amounts, they combine well with pod devices or MTL devices. They can re-create the sensation of smoking in devices that appeal to former or ex-smokers.

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