Max PG E-Liquid Reviews

PG stands for propylene glycol, which is the other primary ingredient in e-juice. Propylene glycol is a common water-soluble additive. It is in many everyday products like hand-sanitizer, hand creams, even ice cream. Its purpose in e-juice is as a flavor-carrier - more PG means more flavor.

While e-juice can come in various ratios between VG and PG, a max-PG e-juice offers many benefits. High-PG e-liquid reviews point out how this style of vape juice does not degrade coils as fast as high VG. PG e-liquids not only appeal to flavor enthusiasts but to people who are coming off of cigarettes.

Just as high VG e-liquids are associated with massive clouds, high PG e-liquids produce smaller vapor clouds that have a tinge to them. This sensation is the throat hit that smoking cigarettes causes, and which former or ex-smokes seek. High-PG e-liquids offer those vapers those qualities.

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