Vape Juice Flavor Reviews

Vape juice flavors matter to vapers. Flavors are not the only thing that matter, but the flavor of e-juice they are vaping is important for so many reasons. Flavor enriches the vaping experience. It does not come down only to vaping to get nicotine since many vapers vape non-nicotine e-juice. After a while, ex-smokers no longer want or need nicotine. They keep vaping though to taste the exquisite e-liquid flavors juice-makers create. Not only that, but they also start experimenting with DIY juice-making. They blend their juices at home and work to find the perfect combination for them. Some even go flavor-less, and vape no-nicotine, no-flavor e-juice, which is usually high-VG or 100% VG juice that has a natural, sweet taste. Vaping then becomes more about discovering the endless possibilities of flavor creation. It comes down to getting the right set-up and device to bring out every single note of a juice's flavor profile. It comes down to personal taste, which is what vaping is all about.

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