Vape Juice Brands Review

Vape juice brands emerged late in the vaping game. People only used to vape the e-liquid that came in the e-cigarette or cig-a-like they were vaping. There was no choice, there was no variety, there were no thousands of different flavors, different nicotine strengths or PG and VG ratio. Vapers took matters into their own hands though and started making their e-juice. Like with everything else innovative in vaping, creating e-juices started with vapers. The e-juice industry was born with the invention of the cartomizer. Ever since the cartomizer came out and people could start vaping the e-juice THEY wanted, the demand for e-juice has soared. Now there are dozens of different e-juice companies making all kinds of e-liquids, from high-VG to high-PG, from no-nicotine to nicotine salts e-juice. Vapers now have to turn to vape juice brands reviews to figure out which one caters to them and their needs.

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