Vape Coil Reviews

Vape coils are where the power from the battery and the e-juice in a tank meet to make vapor. Coils are what sit inside a cartomizer or tank. They consist of wicking material, like cotton that absorbs the e-juice, and wire material that heats the wick. When the tank gets attached to a mod, the battery heats the wire material, which then vaporizes the e-juice in the cotton.

The wire material, for example, impacts the vape. Stock coils, assembled coils that come in vape starter kits, usually use Kanthal wire and organic cotton wicks. Stock coils are different from rebuildable coils, which the user wraps, wicks, and mounts into an RBA.

Building coils requires knowledge about different wire materials and their resistance. It is not impossible to learn, but it is not something everyone can do, so it's essential to study it and practice before doing it.

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