Drip Tip Reviews

Drip tips aka mouthpieces attach to vape tanks and affect the way vapers inhale their clouds. As a lot of drip tip reviews mention, they have a practical function via their different sizes - 510 (smaller) or 810 (bigger) - that can affect vapor size. Then there is the difference between a wide-bore opening and a narrow one, which affects flavor quality.

Beyond their effects on vaping styles, drip tips also offer vapers the chance to customize their rigs. The simplest drip tips are often Delrin-based with 510 openings. Those are more suited to low-powered, low-heat vape pens and tube mods. Sub-ohm vapers and RDA-users did, for a time, use Delrin drip tips. The demands of sub-ohm vaping need other, better-designed drip tips.

Drip tips that are heat-resistant, finely-made as well as colorful and stylized, are what vapers prize about this new generation. Vapers can use drip tips made from resin, ULTEM, precious stones like jade, and even stainless steel to trick out their atomizers.

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