Disposable E-cig Reviews

Disposable e-cigarettes were the only way to vape for a long time. The reason being that early e-cig models were self-contained, with all the essential parts like the coil or battery inaccessible. This meant that when an e-cig finished its e-liquid or battery, users had no other choice but to throw it away. While the technology advanced to where users could refill or recharge the device, disposables still held firm. Disposable e-cig reviews championed their usefulness as an alternative to complicated, heavy-duty mods and sub-ohm tanks.

Many companies still make and distribute disposables. Despite the market being overtaken by refillable pod mods and other devices, disposables still hold appeal. They have no learning curve, and users can vape them right away, so they are very convenient. Only, disposables are not very versatile, so they are limited in their use and function.

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