E-Cigarette Reviews

E-cig reviews that are well-written and informative are all in one place, right here. All the things that matter to vapers - performance, usability, and vapor production - our reviewers have covered. We cover things like vapor production, product durability, and ease of use. Vaperevs is about the everyday experience of vaping, so our reviews are the ones to trust.

E-cigs are compact vaping devices that use a battery-powered atomizer to vaporize e-liquid. They are usually self-contained, which means users do not have to assemble them, as they come ready to vape. Some devices are detachable. They have a separate tank and battery sections.

E-cigs can either be disposable or reusable. Reusable e-cigs feature rechargeable batteries or refillable cartomizers for e-liquid. The cells can be draw-activated or button-activated. For the former, users only inhale from the mouthpiece to turn on the heating atomizer. While button-activated vapes require the user to press a button to create vapor. E-cig starter kits come fully-loaded with tanks, batteries, coil heads and other accessories for first-time vapers.

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