Wismec never stops from reinventing themselves as they always bring on the vaping market more developed mods that include a lot of features. This is also the case of the RX2 20700 200W mod that has lots of features just to make sure that the vaping experience will become more personalized than ever. But let`s find out more about this mod straight away.

The mod itself is available in black, green and brown.

The standard configuration of an RX2 20700 200W box is one Reuleaux RX2 20700, two battery sleeves adaptors 18650 to 20700, one QC USB cable, spare parts, one user manual and one warning card. It is also available in form of the kit that includes the GNOME atomizer.

According to the standard configuration, in the box there is one CuBox battery, one QC USB cable, one user manual and one Warranty Card. But let`s find out more about these mods and all the different features included!

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Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 Mod Review 7

200W max output with dual 20700/18650 cells

You can use this mod with 20700 type batteries or 18650 type batteries using the adaptors included in the box. Reaching a maximum power of 200W.

Humanized push-pull design for convenient exchange

The battery cover is easy to remove or place it back by using a sliding style movement.

Large 1.3inch display

With the new UI, the information on the Wismec RX2 is easy to read and clean. The 1.3inch display is a good choice for a mod of this size.

2A max charging current for quick charge

Wismec promises you to have fully charged batteries in no time. Also, the charging system provides an equal state of charge which means that both batteries will charge at the same time. We strongly recommend charging the batteries with an external charger.

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Diving In

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Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 review

At the very first sight, the mod looks pretty solid. The mod has the well known hexagonal shape with soft edges and shiny finish. It feels pretty comfortable in hand. The gradient color is really nice and it gives an overall good look to the mod.

On one side of the mod there is a pretty big fire button. The button is very responsive to commands and I really like the design of it. It is made of aluminum and it has the JayBo logo on it.

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Below the fire button is a large and nice rectangular shaped OLED screen. The screen is easy to read both indoors and outdoors and you can see information such as the wattage, the voltage, the mode, coil, and the power indicators for the two batteries.

Below the screen, there is the minus and plus buttons that are somehow incorporated in a single button. From my point of view this is not the best idea as, first of all, the users with bulky fingers may find it a little bit hard to operate. Second of all, there was plenty of space on the mod`s interface to separate the buttons so I don`t know why they didn`t do that.

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The menu of this mod is very easy to use and experienced vapers will get familiarized fast with it, as there are many key combinations that are the same as to other mods available.

Pressing the fire button five times in order for the device to turn on. After that, pressing again the fire button for three times in order to choose the wanted mode, such as the TC with one of the coil types available, including the Stainless Steel, Nickel or Titanium. You can also choose the TCR mode and it also has the preheat function.

Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 Mod Review

The fire button and the minus button pressed together will lead you to stealth mode which means you can still vape while the screen is turned off.

You will also see the micro USB port, and by the help of the USB cable, you can connect the mod to your computer as you can upgrade it. At the same time, you can choose to charge the cells through this cable, even though Wismec (and many others) recommend you to externally charge the batteries.

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For safety reasons, the mod includes some of the most common protections such as the dual circuit or the reverse polarity.

Overall, this mod provides a very nice flavor and big clouds. It works really well and the big fire button is very clicky.

The mod can go up to 200 W, but trust me, you won`t need that much power for decent flavor and cloud production.

Regarding the battery life, the 20700 worked pretty well and they lasted throughout the day at an average power. A surprising reaction was when using the 18650 cells. They drained in almost half the time needed for the 20700 cells to drain. Therefore, you will still need those extra cells to carry around as just one set won`t be enough for a whole day.

We Like:

  • Big fire button
  • Easy to use
  • Big OLED screen
  • Extra sleeve for 18650 cells

We Don’t Like:

  • “Plus” and “minus” commands incorporated in the same button


This mod is the perfect combination of good looking and well working. For the ones who have used the Reuleaux mods before, for sure they will find this one pretty familiar. The new users will just love the simple usage and the quality of this mod. We definitely recommend it!

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