Yes, 228 from the name is the actual power this mod can offer. The Wsimec Predator 228 seems to create a lot of rumor as many will say that it resembles the Smok Alien mod, a move from Wismec to compete against one of the most popular mods from Smok. The Wsimec Predator 228 comes with some amazing features that I am sure you are happy to discover in this review. So let’s start!

The Predator 228 was designed by Sinuous Designs located in the USA. It is quite handy and it comes in a kit that features the well known Elabo tank. The mod can be also purchased separately.

We find inside a Wismec chipset that can produce a proper wattage that goes from 1W to 228 W. It supports coils from 0.1 ohms up to 3.5 ohms. Besides many other pluses that we will discuss below, temperature control is available on this mod as well. The TC mode supports Titanium, Stainless steel, and Ni200 Nickel wairs.

The colors available varied, being sold in 10 different styles. You can choose from a simple brushed silver or black to a combination of two colors such as beige and green or orange and silver.

When opening the box, you will find inside one Predator 228 with no cells (working with tow 18650 batteries), 1 Elabo atomizer, one Triple 0,2 ohm coil, one NS triple 0.25 ohm coil, one QC USB cable, two User Manuals – one for the Predator and one for the Elabo and one Warning card.

WISMEC Predator 228 with Elabo Kit


228W/50A Max Power Output

An important feature of the Predator 228 is the one that it is powered by dual replaceable 18650 cells. 228 W is the maximum output that can be reached by the mod. This is how you can get more possibilities to use coils that request a maximum current of 50A. The mod can be charged by connecting it to a computer or by attaching the USB cable to a wall adapter.

Reverse charging feature

Probably one of the best feature the Predator 228 include is the reverse charging functionality. In this way, you can use it as a power bank to charge any other device you want. So you won’t need an extra power bank for your phone, as you can have both a mod and a charger on the same device. The downside is that you will need to purchase the adapter for reverse charging as is not included in the kit. Is a very inexpensive adapter called Avatar and it costs around 3-5$.

Balanced battery charging

When you charge the Predator 228, you can easily see how the cells charge separately on the Oled screen. You will know exactly when the mod is charged at the battery level precision. Get accurate information fast and easy.

Diving In

The Wismec Predator 228 Mod

From the very beginning, the mod has a lightweight design. It is also quite compact, a fact that transform it into a proper pocketable mod. There are different colors and styles you can choose as the mod is available in 10 different colors: brushed silver, green and beige, silver and bronze, black and bronze, orange and silver, gold, silver, white, black and red. The fire button is hidden in the design. Press the left side of the mod in order to fire it.

The Oled screen is the place where you can check all the information you need. The screen shows a lot of information that keeps you up to date with the performances of the mod. To enter in the menu just press the fire button three times.

The firmware can be upgraded. Also, the Wismec chip helps you drain the batteries to only 3 volts, a fact that provides the possibility to vape for longer than using other 18650 mods.

The batteries are fully charged within an hour. Notice! Wismec recommends charging the batteries with an external charger. The bottom has a flip-open cover that includes ventilation holes allowing the heat to be dissipated while maintaining a clean design and an easy way to replace the batteries.

You can charge your cell phone or other devices using the Avatar adapter featuring USB 2.0 output connector. Note that the Avatar adapter is sold separately.

The Predator 228 comes with the preheat feature allowing you to fire your coils at higher wattage for a few milliseconds for a faster activation and stronger hit.

The USB port is plated and it supports a maximum of 2A charging current. The producer also provides an alternative for faster charging than ever with the help of the Avatar Quick Charger that you can buy separately.

Problems reported with the Wismec Predator 228 mod!

Users around the world have reported that the negative pice of the 510 connector is popping out after a short period of usage. The reason for that is that Wismec has decided not to use any adhesive, but just to force fix it in place. Wismec has corrected the problem shortly after for the next Predator 228 that were manufactured.

Elabo atomizer

The Elabo atomizer comes with a capacity of 4.9 ml for a triple 0.2-ohm head and a 4.6 ml capacity for a 0.25-ohm head. It also includes a separate user manual for a better understanding of the atomizer. On the same time, the Elabo atomizer is easier than ever to be cleaned, as the parts of it can be detached.

Refilling the Elabo tank is easier than ever: you just have to slide the top cap in order to refill it. The atomizer comes with childproof lock system.

The Elabo tank can produce massive clouds, working with WS01 Triple 0.2ohm(40-80W) and WS02-NS Triple 0.25ohm (40-120W) coils, it includes an adjustable airflow ring that is positioned on the bottom.

We Like:

  • Clean design
  • Reverse charging feature
  • Good performance of the Elabo tank

We Don’t Like:

  • 510 connector problem (Solved)
  • Screen font too small


The Wsimec Predator 228 kit is one of the best dual battery mod in the market today. It’s meant for the ones who need a device that can offer clean design, power and rich features. It’s perfect for creating huge clouds for fun. Is the proper kit for beginner and intermediate users.

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