The interface design runs along the side of the chassis. There is a small, 0.91 inch OLED display with a three-button configuration to adjust the Drag. The internals of the mod is impressive. It supports variable wattage and temperature control. The Gene features also enable curve mode for wattage and temperature.

Kit Contents:


  • One VooPoo Drag 157W box mod
  • One Micro USB charging cable
  • One warranty card
  • One manual

VooPoo Drag Review: Getting a Handle on the DRAG

The VooPoo Drag also presents stainless steel in its build, which may explain why it feels a little heavy. The mod does increase in weight with two 18650s installed, and even more so with an atomizer attached. Despite its heft, the unit feels very sturdy and durable.

One side features a removable panel, etched with the DRAG logo. The panel does come off good but staying in place is another matter. It does shift from time to time, but not so bad that it falls off from the mod’s body.


There is a gold-plated 510 connection atop the mod. Its better width allows the Drag to work with great liquid tanks at least 24.5mm (0.96 inches) in diameter without overhang. Early versions of these vape mods featured only carbon-fiber inlays, while newer versions have several better interesting all-resin options.
There is a circular, firing button right above the OLED screen. Two adjustment buttons sit under the screen. What should be outlined in reviews: the two up/down buttons are not marked, so vapers will have to guess which buttons do what when they use it. The buttons work fine and have a good response when in use. Underneath, on the lower corner, are a few battery ventilation holes. At the base of the interfacial design, the device has a USB port for software updates and battery charging. The exterior along the side of the panel is similar to other control panels.

DRAG Software Update Review

Firmware for the device is provided on the official website alongside with the updates (the last MOJO update came on 2018/4/9). VooPoo Drag can get the upgrade in 5 simple steps to follow:

  • Download to the computer and install the software via USB connection;
  • Mod should be plugged in and in the charging process, press up&down to enter the menu;
  • Choose disc and check a firmware version (fire button is for exit);
  • Next 10 minutes charge it (can vape);
  • Unplug VooPoo DRAG and vape on without shuts off.

Getting error on the screen means that something went wrong. To dismiss it turn the mod off and start from a scratch. As only two updates have been till now the chance to get the next one the nearest time grows. The mods’ smart setting becomes easier to adjust after the first update.

VooPoo Drag Review — Variable Wattage Mode

Getting the box mod to work is about the same as with any other box mod. The Gene chip though is what makes it more versatile and allow for more customization than other mods.

Turning on the VooPoo Drag with five clicks of the power button shows the user battery life, resistance, voltage, and wattage. It can fire as high as 157W. The lowest power output is 5W.

From 5W to 127W Drag is in a standard setting. But when the readings go above 127W, the screen displays a “Super” icon that means it is in “Super” mode for the remaining variables up to the 157W limit.


The Drag uses a three-button configuration to access the menus, and vaping features installed. The Smart software on the Gene checks the resistance of any new coil that a user puts onto the 510.

It prompts the user with the question of whether there is a new coil. If a user answers “yes” the chipsets a recommended strength for the new atomizer. Users can also change the wattage if they so desire.

Apart from variable WM, vapers can also set their variables in voltage.

VooPoo Drag Review — Vaping & TC

DRAG marks temperature control for all coil materials, from stainless steel to titanium to nickel. Three clicks of the power button bring users into the various outputs for TC.

It’s chip also promotes five memory slots for the mod to remember a user’s favorite settings. Vapers can also make use of the custom curve capabilities of the chip for both wattage and temperature mode.

Users need to install batteries and attach a tank to start using the device. The screen asks the prompt and answering “yes” the device set a recommended wattage for the coil inside the tank.

Flipping between the different wattage levels is very easy. The speed at which the device operates is exceptional. There is no “drag” meaning that it responds quickly to any command entered into the interface.

Not only this, but there was no lagging in the device firing capabilities. Drag VooPoo fires very fast, and there is little to no delay between pressing the firing button and vapor production. In variable wattage mode, the flavor and cloud production increases as the power level goes up.


Reaching the highest possible power level of 157W, the mod did not struggle. It comfortably fired at those levels, and again, there were no problems with any of the functions.

In TC mode, the Gene chip offers customers flexibility in their coil material. VooPoo Drag covers all common wire types from stainless steel to nickel. The highest possible heat is 600F, and approaching that temperature, the feature kept the coils from burning out.

The best option of vaping is a custom curve mode. With this feature, vapers can set custom power levels in both temperature and wattage mode. This allows for more or less power/or temperature throughout a mod. A vaper can go to the maximum standards for each style, wattage or heat, although it is not recommended.

The VooPoo Drag vs. VGOD Pro 150 vs. the GeekVape Nova 200

VGOD Pro 150

The VGOD Pro 150 is another dual-18650 mod that has carbon fiber and stainless steel in its build. It is a bit shorter than the Drag and features a similar side-OLED screen and three-button regulators.


The Pro 150 feels a bit lighter and features a mech mode output on its chip, which the VooPoo device does not have. The Pro 150 does not have a custom curve setting, like the Drag.

GeekVape Nova 200

The GeekVape Nova features a similar exterior design to the Drag and Pro 150. The Nova is shorter than either of the two devices. It features an aluminum alloy in its construction instead of zinc. It has a higher maximum wattage of 200W, and it has a colorful, vertical, multi-level display.

GeekVape Nova 200W battery image

The Nova has an advanced chip as well. Users can vape in wattage, TC, as well as in bypass and custom curve mode, unlike the other two devices, which feature only one of either bypass or custom curve mode.

We Like:

  • Very well-made from high-quality materials
  • Intelligent chipset speeds up performance
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Carbon-fiber and resin panels add a distinctive touch
  • Downloadable firmware for greater adjustment

We Don’t Like:

  • The magnetic battery door is a little loose
  • A little on the heavy side
  • The OLED display is dull and colorless

VooPoo Drag — A Solid Performer

Are there any other VooPoo mods that you like? Is this uni as high-performing and reliable as it looks? Are there any problems with its design/internals? Does the Gene smart mod compare to other popular chips like the Omni or DNA? Send us your thoughts on the Drag VooPoo by leaving a comment in the comments’ section below.

The VooPoo Drag is a reliable, high-powered box vape that gives best vaping options and styles. The reduced size makes it easy to hold and handle, although it does have some heft. The trade-off of being a little heavy though is that the unit is very sturdy. Its mixed zinc alloy/stainless steel exterior can withstand all kinds of wear and tear.


The internals is also remarkable. The Gene chip allows for many different outputs and makes this box mod run at an incredible pace. There is no lag in its performance, and the Drag responds immediately to any user prompts. The power output is mid-range, but it is enough for most vapers who are looking for as much flavor as they are cloud size.

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