The same high-capacity battery allows the Drag Mini to emit up to 117 watts of power. It’s portable and powerful. What else could a cloud-chaser ask for?

VooPoo Drag Mini Kit: Unboxing & Features

What’s in the Box?

  • Drag Mini 117W Mod
  • Uforce T2 Sub-Ohm Tank (2-8ml juice capacity)
  • 0.6ohm P2 Single Mesh coil
  • 0.13ohm N1 Single Mesh Coil
  • Extra Glass Tube
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Spare Parts Bag
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card

VooPoo Drag Mini 117W starter kit image

Voopoo Drag Mini Kit: an In-Depth Review

The Voopoo Drag Mini: Design and Build Quality

First thing’s first, let’s kick off this Voopoo Drag Mini review by talking about its stunning design. It follows after its predecessor, the Voopoo Drag, when it comes to its style. The Drag Mini rocks the classic Voopoo resin design proudly.

VooPoo Drag Mini 117W design image

Technically, the box mod doesn’t have a resin design. Rather, its faceplate has a resin design. The faceplate can be removed and replaced with other faceplates, so the user never gets bored of the same design.

Besides the resin faceplate, the Voopoo Drag Mini is constructed almost entirely from zinc alloy, an extremely durable and premium-feeling material.

Uforce T2 Sub-Ohm Tank: Design and Build Quality

Included to the kit Uforce T2 Sub-Ohm Tank makes this purchase a bargain. First, it matches the Voopoo Drag Mini in terms of both style and manufacturing quality. This stainless steel sub-ohm tank looks great, and it’s rated for use with up to 100 watts.

This tank can hold up to 8ml of e-liquid. That’s a lot of e-liquid, and the Uforce T2’s large capacity makes it the perfect companion for the long-lasting battery.

The Drag Mini Mod Kit comes with two single mesh coils, but there’s a third and better coil option available: the N2 Dual Mesh Coil. This coil is rated for up to 100W of use, and it produces a ton of vapor with unparalleled flavor. Sadly, it needs to be purchased separately.

The Drag Mini has a few cool tricks up its sleeve. Keep reading this Voopoo Drag Mini review to learn about all of the Drag Mini’s various capabilities and overall performance.

Voopoo Drag Mini: Features and Functions

The Drag Mini isn’t just powerful and portable. It’s smart as well! Providing a ton of options and highlights, the Drag Mini is a cutting edge vape with a lot to offer.

First of all, the Drag Mini presents an integrated, rechargeable 4400mAh battery. That battery will provide most vapers with a full day of vaping, even at the highest wattage settings. Of course, real-world performance will vary depending on the user’s vaping habits.

VooPoo Drag Mini 117W 510 image

The Drag Mini has two vape modes: Power Mode and TC Mode. Power mode allows the user to supply a specific wattage to their tank or RDA, while TC Mode will automatically increase or decrease the wattage in order to maintain a given temperature that’s set by the user.

Both TC Mode and Power Mode work extremely well. The Drag Mini has safety features such as short-circuit protection and overcharge protection, which protect the user as well as the Drag Mini.

Uforce T2 Sub-Ohm Tank: Features and Functions

The included Uforce T2 Sub-Ohm Tank is great! Including a mesh-compatible tank with the Drag Mini was a great idea on Voopoo’s end, considering how popular and functional mesh coils are.

uforce t2 image

Sadly, the best mesh coil isn’t included in the kit, and, therefore, needs to be purchased separately. Still, this kit provides the user with a powerful mod as well as a mesh tank with two coils for a surprisingly low price.

The Uforce T2 is compatible with different glass tubes starting at 2ml and ending at incredible 8ml juice capacity. Which is why the device can offer decent 117w performance with huge clouds.

How Does the Voopoo Drag Mini Kit Perform?

The Drag Mini Kit includes the box mod and the Uforce T2 Sub-Ohm Tank, each of which was designed specifically for use with the other.

The Uforce T2 Sub-Ohm Tank is rated for use with up to 100 watts. The Drag Mini box mod has a maximum wattage output of 117 watts, so the two are more or less ideal for one another.

VooPoo Drag Mini 117W Perform image

This kit offers something that the vast majority of vapes can’t: a flavorful cloud-chasing session. Typically, cloud-chasing vapes provide the best vapor production at the expense of flavor, while flavor-oriented vapes aren’t capable of providing cloud-chasing levels of vapor.

Those rules were rewritten with the introduction of the mesh coil: a coil that can provide phenomenal vapor production as well flavor that would satisfy even the pickiest flavor-chaser.

With the combination of the powerful 117W Drag Mini and the flavorful Uforce T2 Mesh Tank, vapers can have a cloud-chasing session with unparalleled flavor quality. The two work together extremely well and offer an experience matched only by a couple of vape kits.

Battery Performance

The Voopoo Drag Mini emphasizes an integrated, rechargeable 4400mAh battery, which provides enough power to push the Drag Mini’s 117 watts. Additionally, it’s powerful enough to provide a full day of vaping to the majority of Drag Mini users.

Of course, every user’s battery life experience will vary depending on the given user’s preferred wattage setting, the duration of their draws, and their frequency of use. That being said, the Voopoo Drag Mini should last for a full day, even for most of the heavier vapers out there.

That more or less concluded the in-depth analysis portion of this Voopoo Drag Mini review. Now, let’s briefly go over how to operate the Drag Mini vape mod.

Getting Started with VooPoo Drag Mini Kit

  1. Prime the Uforce T2’s Coils
  2. Assemble the Uforce T2 Tank
  3. Fill the T2 Tank with e-liquid
  4. Screw the T2 Tank into the Drag Mini’s 510 connection
  5. Charge the battery
  6. While the device charges, the new coils will have time to soak
  7. Once the Drag Mini has a full charge, it’s ready to vape
  8. Press the power button five times to turn the Drag Mini on
  9. Use the Drag Mini’s two navigation buttons to change the wattage output
  10. Alternatively, press the power button three times to switch to another mode
  11. Once the desired wattage/mode has been selected, hold the fire button and take a draw to vape
  12. At the end of the draw, release the power button

Voopoo Drag Mini Competitors

The GeekVape Aegis Mini 80W Kit

The GeekVape Aegis Mini 80W is a lot like the Drag Mini, in that it aims to provide cloud-chasers with a portable alternative to their bulky mod. While both of these vapes aim to be portable powerhouses, each achieves that goal a bit differently.

The GeekVape Aegis Mini 80W isn’t as powerful as the Voopoo Drag Mini, but it’s smaller. What it lacks in wattage it makes up for in portability. The Drag Mini, on the other hand, is a bit larger, but it provides almost 40 watts of additional power.

GeekVape Aegis Mini Mod grey 80W image

The Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W, like the Voopoo Drag Mini, has several safety features as well as a variety of vape modes, including temperature control mode and bypass mode.

The GeekVape Aegis Mini 80W and the Drag Mini are very similar in both form and function. The Aegis Mini just happens to be smaller and less powerful.

If portability is a high priority, the GeekVape Aegis Mini 80W will likely be the more appealing option, while power users will likely prefer the Voopoo Drag Mini’s higher wattage.

The Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W TC Kit

The Vaporesso Revenger Mini mod has a lot in common with both the Aegis Mini and the Drag Mini. These are cloud-chasing mods with an emphasis on portability. Like the aforementioned vapes, the Revenger is a highly-portable mod with a plethora of highlights.

Like the other vapes mentioned here, the Reveneger Mini mod has several vape modes to choose from, including temperature control mode and bypass mode. This mod is slightly smaller than the Voopoo Drag Mini, but it doesn’t offer quite as much power.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

While the Drag Mini has a maximum wattage output of 117 watts, the Revenger Mini maxes out at 85W. This makes it slightly more powerful than the Aegis Mini but significantly less powerful than the Drag Mini.

Both the Revenger Mini and the Voopoo Drag Mini are great, compact cloud-chasing mods. Neither is better than the other. Rather, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. While the Revenger Mini is more compact, it isn’t as powerful as the Drag Mini.

Likewise, the Drag Mini isn’t as compact as the Revenger Mini, but it’s significantly more powerful.

That concludes the comparisons portion of this Voopoo Drag Mini review. Next, let’s sum up the Drag Mini with a list of its advantages and a list of its disadvantages.

We Like:

  • Powerful, high-capacity battery
  • Zinc alloy construction
  • Temperature control mode
  • Swappable resin faceplates
  • Mesh coils are great for flavor
  • Innovative GENE.FIT chip inside

We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t go below 5 watts

Voopoo Drag Mini Kit: The Final Verdict

Thus concludes VapingDaily’s Voopoo Drag Mini review. Now that we’ve discussed everything regarding the Drag Mini, we can talk about whether or not this vape is a good purchase.

Truthfully, this is one of the best starter kits to buy in this category. Those looking for a compact cloud-chasing vape have found something awesome in the Drag Mini.

Not only does it supply enough power for a hearty vape session, but it also features mesh coil technology, which can provide substantially improved flavor to that vape session.

There are a handful of mesh starter kits out there, and most of them don’t include mods with this much power. The Drag Mini is a 117W mesh starter kit that only costs around $50. That’s a great value, and the Drag Mini is an easy vape to recommend.

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