There is no doubt that Vaptio comes on stage with a lot of different mods that look quite astonishing. The newest N1 Pro 240W that we are going to review today, has different features and a special design. So let`s get to know more about this mod!

The N1 Pro 240W mod comes with a replaceable cover on the back of the mod, and it can be used for two or three 18650 cells. The mod is available in four different color combinations: black and gold, black and red, white and gold, white and red.

The maximum output power is quite high and it can be chosen according to any needs. It set it to 200 W (using two batteries) and 240W (using three batteries). There are different output modes available for this mod, and there is, of course, the function through which the temperature can be controlled (TC Mod).

When you open the box you will found one N1 Pro 240W (with three batteries cover preinstalled), one USB cable, one battery cover (for two batteries), one user manual and one QC inspection certificate.

Vaptio N1 Pro 240W Mod Review


Vaptio N1 Pro 240W Mod Review 1

Color Display

The display is nice and clear and it shows all the information needed while vaping. On the same time, the different information shown on the screen is in different colors. This is how it can be easier to understand the information provided fast and easy. The vaping power (W) is shown in blue, the Working Voltage (V) in yellow, the resistance value in white and the battery life in green. It is also important to know that the batteries are shown separately on the screen, just to get accurate information when they need to be charged again.

Various protections

The Vaptio also thought about the level of safety that users need to have when they vape. This is why, for the N1 Pro 240W mod, they included various must have protections: over vaping protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection and overheating protection.

Multiple output modes

The modes are important for any respectable mod and the N1 Pro 240W comes with some of them. Therefore, you can set the wanted mode, for a more personalized experience. The Watt mode with a maximum output of 240W output (with three batteries), Bypass and TC.

Diving In

Vaptio N1 Pro 240W Mod Review 2

From the very beginning, when opening the box of the kit, the mod looks quite huge. It is not that comfortable to keep it in hand and it is also a little bit heavy.

The design includes a combination of colors such as red and black or white and gold. The mod provides various vaping modes and a full-color display. Buttons are clicky and there are no rattles, which is an important fact if you ask me.

Why three batteries on the screen when using only two?

The display may be quite small, considering the fact that the mod is quite big. Still, the screen provides the needed information, including the life of each battery separately. Note that, when using it with 2 batteries it will show 3 batteries on the screen from which one will be empty. I think the programmers were too lazy to fix that.

N1 Pro comes with a body that is made of heavy-duty cast alloy. It also comes with an extra alloy plate for the back, which helps you to transform it from a double battery mod to the triple battery mod.

The battery doors are easy to open and close, using the button available on the bottom. The door of 2 batteries stays secure while the door of 3 batteries has a slightly, slightly play that can be ignored.

25mm tanks limit?

The top of the mod provides a sort of platform that is quite raised around the 510 where you will also find the needed space for 25 mm tanks. This is a small downside of the mod, as it could accommodate even 30 mm tanks if the Vaptio managed to create a better design. The tank seems to be tilted forward a little bit and it is very slight. The front screen includes a tilt as well.

The Vaptio didn`t provide too many details regarding the chipset so it is not known what exactly is powering the operating system. Disregarding that, the mod works quite well and the features available are a blast.

Tested with TFV8 with T-10 0.12ohm coil. The flavor is rich and the clouds are amazing. By playing with the mod with the various power levels, you will see that you can get up to 200 watts with the 2 batteries. You can swap with the 3 battery mode that would go up to 240 W. Still, the power delivery is not that noticeable.

Fires instantly!

The mod fires straight away when pressing the button. The TCR mode provides an excellent vape with smoothness and consistency. The TCR mode has 3 presets that range from 9.99 to 0.10. The range is shown in percentage. You can also use the preset modes of the TCR for Ti, Ni, SS or NiCr.

Custom curve control available!

The features also include a custom curve mode which means that you will be able to adjust the curve in 20 different spots where you can put the wanted wattage. Each spot is a half second as you are limited to 10 seconds. This is the moment when you can play with the wattage and you can set up the wanted power according to your needs.

No puff counter

The N1 Pro 240W doesn`t have a puff counter which can make it a little bit hard to gage. You can press three times the firing button in order to turn off the screen completely and save battery. Charging the batteries directly in the mod will take some time, you should use an external charger.

Vaptio N1 Pro 240W Mod On Hands

We Like:

  • Instant firing
  • No rattles
  • The 2 or 3 battery operation feature
  • You can turn the screen completely off in order to save battery

We Don’t Like:

  • Heavy and kettle-like design
  • Raised platform – it could accommodate 30 mm tanks if the platform was flat.


At the end of the day, the N1 Pro 240W mod has a few cons that can be missed. On the other hand, the features of the mod stand out. The flavors are rich, the clouds are richer, the fact that makes this mod a likable one. If you want to purchase this mod, remember that until now, there are only two online places available where you will find the kit. Also, you can check the Vaptio selling stores available around the globe and you can check if there`s one around you.

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