To get the most of the VaporFi Express E-cig 30%, and 50% VG e-juices are recommended for use. However, the e-cig can cope with the Max VG liquids, but there is no guarantee of getting the same tasty flavor as with standard juices.

VaporFi Express E-cig Starter Kit Review

What’s in the Box

  • Standard Express Battery
  • High-Capacity Express Battery
  • Wall Charger Adapter
  • USB Charger Adapter
  • 3 Mini-Clear Clearomizer Tanks
  • A 30ml Bottle of Custom-Blend E-liquid
  • VaporFi Membership Card
  • User Manual

Vaporfi Express E-Cigarette Starter Kit image

Device Specs

  • Standard Battery: 180mAh 4.5V (810 D2 Thread) 2.5
  • inches in length
  • High-Capacity Battery: 280mAh 4.5V (810 D2 Thread)
  • 3.25 inches in length
  • USB Charger Cable: 4.5V
  • Wall Adapter: 100V-240V

The VaporFi Express: Dive in

The VaporFi Express is VaporFi’s take on the ultra-portable cigalike e-cig.
Like other vapes in this category, the Express aims to provide the user with an experience that emulates that of a traditional cigarette while shoving as much power as possible into the tiny, cigalike form factor.

Cigalike vapes often provide weak vapor production. If the vapor production isn’t too bad, it’s usually because the vape is using a larger battery that sacrifices the unit’s overall portability.

This isn’t the case with the Express: a cigalike vape that’s found the perfect balance between power and portability. Find out everything that an educated buyer should know, from battery life to vapor quality, in this Vaporfi Express review.

VaporFi Express Battery

The VaporFi Express Starter Kit comes with two batteries. One was made with portability in mind, featuring a size and shape that’s very similar to a traditional cigarette. The high-capacity battery is slightly larger, but its battery life is an improvement over that of the standard battery.

The ultra-portable 180mAh standard battery will last most vapers a day of use, but heavy vapers might find themselves reCharger it before the end of the day. Alternatively, heavy vapers might prefer the high-capacity 280mAh battery.

While it’s larger, the high-capacity battery will last significantly longer than the standard battery, making it ideal for heavy vapers. Additionally, it’ll be ideal for infrequent vapers that just don’t want to charge their vape for a few days.

The Design

This vape’s design is interesting. Due to its clearomizer-oriented design, it isn’t for stealth vapers. It doesn’t really emulate a cigarette in terms of its design, at least not when it’s being used with one of its clearomizer cartridges.

The Express wasn’t designed to emulate a cigarette to the extent that some cigalikes are, and it wasn’t built around stealth vaping either. Rather, it was made with power and portability in mind.

Vaporfi Express E-Cigarette image

This vape provides a fantastic battery life and plenty of power, more so than the majority of ultra-portable cigalike devices. Those looking for a lot of vaping power in an ultra-portable shell have found exactly that in the VaporFi Express

Size and Weight

The Express’s standard battery and high-capacity battery are both light-weight and extremely portable. The standard battery is 2.5 inches long, closely emulating the size of a traditional cigarette, while the longer-lasting high-capacity battery is about 3.25 inches long.


The VaporFi Express Starter Kit comes with two batteries to choose from as well as refillable clearomizer tanks. It’s awesome that VaporFi went with an open cartridge system.

With an open system, vapers can use any e-liquid they choose, while closed-system vapes limit the user to its proprietary e-liquid selection. Additionally, this e-cig features draw-activated vaping, so vaping is as easy as taking a draw.

VaporFi Express Cartridges

The VaporFi Express has a couple of cartridge options. The Standard Starter Kit comes with three refillable clearomizers. Additionally, the Express is compatible with pre-filled VaporFi cartridges.

The Clearomizers produce high-quality, flavorful vapor, and the same can be said for VaporFi’s prefilled cartridges. The obvious benefit of the clearomizer tank is its refillability. This makes it last longer, and it provides some extra versatility in terms of flavor options.

Both the Express clearomizers and the prefilled Express cartridges produce more vapor than most e-cigs of this size, thanks to the Express’s 4.5V battery.

Experience Using The Express E-Cig

Vapor Production

The Express is capable of producing impressive amounts of vapor for such a small e-cig. Its size to power ratio is impressive. Most e-cigs with 4.5V of power or more tend to be larger, so this vape could definitely be considered a portable powerhouse.

Vaporfi Express E-Cigarette button image

Of course, the Express’s power isn’t comparable to the power that comes with a mod or other larger vapes. Still, for the category that it’s in, the Express is dominating in terms of power and vapor production.

Battery Life

The VaporFi Express Starter Kit comes with two batteries: the standard 180mAh battery and the high-capacity 280mAh battery. The high-capacity 280mAh battery provides 18-20 hours of vaping, which is very impressive for the Express’s compact size.

Of course, the smaller 180mAh battery doesn’t last quite as long but still offers admirable performance for a battery of this size. This 2.5-inch battery will typically provide 10-12 hours of use.


The VaporFi Express’s overall performance is nothing if not impressive. Smooth and flavorful vapor with plenty of volume is something rarely seen in ultra-portable cigalike vapes, but the Express offers exactly that.

The flavor is great, the vapor production is surprisingly good, and the Express is a premium, compact e-cig.


The Express’s design will be perfect for its intended users. In other words, it’ll be great for vapers that want a powerful yet portable vape pen.

This is easily one of the smallest cigalike e-cigs on the market, yet it provides more power than competitors of a similar size. The Express was built around portability and power, and this is reflected in the overall user experience.

The Express E-cig provides a very high-quality vape session, and it’ll last most users more than a day of use.

While being an extremely compact vape, the Express still manages to provide more than a day’s worth of vape sessions and plenty of power even for the pickiest of e-cig users.

Brief User Guide for the VaporFi Express

Assembling the VaporFi Express

  • Fill clearomizer with e-liquid
  • Attach clearomizer to VaporFi Express
  • Attach Express battery to the USB charger adapter
  • Attach the USB Charger adapter to the wall adapter
  • Plug the wall adapter into a wall outlet
  • Charge until the battery is at full capacity
  • Once the battery is charged, the Express is ready to vape
  • To vape, simply take a draw

Connecting the Cartomizer

Both the Express clearomizer cartridges and the prefilled cartridges connect via an 810-threaded connection. These are simple screw-to-connect connections. Just place the cartridge onto the connection area and rotate it clockwise until the connection is established.

Refilling the Mini Clear Cartomizer

The Express’s clear atomizer or “clearomizer” is VaporFi’s refillable cartridge option, and filling it up is a pretty simple process. The mouthpiece can be removed by giving it a firm pull.


Despite not being held down by a thread, it stays in place and doesn’t have problems with leaking. Once the mouthpiece is removed, filling the Mini Clear Clearomizer is pretty straight-forward. Replace the mouthpiece and the Express is ready to vape.

Charging the Device

The Express battery uses the same 810-threaded connection for vaping as well as charging. To charge it, remove the cartomizer, and screw the Express’s 810-threaded connection into the included charger adapter. Attach the charging adapter to the wall adapter.

Next, attach the wall adapter to a nearby wall outlet. Give the Express a few hours to charge. Once the battery is at full capacity, it’s ready to vape!

Issues Vaping

If the Express E-cig isn’t functioning properly, there are a couple of potential culprits. First of all, make sure the Express is charged enough to vape. If the Express battery has enough power to vape, the problem likely lies with the cartridge.

First of all, make sure that the Express has a good connection. Rotate the cartridge clockwise. If it doesn’t rotate, don’t force it! A firm tightness indicates that the connection is fine.

If the VaporFi Express’s connection is firmly established, it could be that the clearomizer or the battery has a faulty connection. Too discover the source of the problem, try to use the battery with another cartridge, and use the original cartridge with the other included Express battery.

Whichever component consistently fails is the source of the problem. Luckily, there are replacement cartridges as well as replacement batteries at VaporFi’s online store.

We Like:

  • Extremely portable
  • Powerful for the size
  • Great battery life for the size
  • Open System Clearomizers (choose any e-liquid)
  • Durable Design

We Don’t Like:

  • Included clearomizers aren’t very discreet

The Competition Never Sleeps

ePuffer Magnum Snaps

ePuffer Magnum Snaps are ePuffer’s take on the ultra-portable cigalike e-cig, and they’ve done a great job with this form factor.

Magnum Snaps are extremely compact, measuring only 3.25 inches long with the battery and cartridge installed. That’s some impressive portability, but how long could such a tiny battery last?

EPuffer Magnum Snaps image

That’s where the Snaps portable E Pack comes in. This portable battery looks a lot like a cigarette box, but it’s actually designed to hold and charge Snaps e-cigs. It can hold up to three e-cigs, and it can simultaneously charge one of them.

This kit is neither better nor worse than the Express Standard Kit, but it is different. Both kits offer a fantastic battery life, but each does so differently.

Overall, Magnum Snaps offer a better overall battery life with its portable E Pack battery. However, the Express offers great battery life with more portability, as the Express’s high-capacity battery doesn’t take up as much space as ePuffer’s E Pack.

Magnum Snaps still offer great battery life but at the expense of the space that the E Pack takes up. The E Pack is still a great idea that will be appreciated by a lot of vapers, but the Express’s power to portability ratio is very hard to beat.

Mig Cigs

Mig Cigs are Mig Vapor’s take on the ultra-portable cigalike e-cigs, and it’s certainly worthy of consideration. In terms of its size, the 280mAh Mig Cig battery is slightly longer than the VaporFi Express high-capacity battery, and it isn’t quite as powerful.

Mig Cig Standard E-cig image

In terms of each vape’s size to performance ratio, the Express is already the decisive winner, but the Mig Cig offers discretion that the Vaporfi Express doesn’t. The Express only matches the Mig Cig’s discretion when it’s being used with prefilled cartridges.

After all, the clearmoizers that come with the Express give it away. The advantage of the clearomizers is their refillability, an asset that can’t be found with Mig Cigs. Mig Cigs offer extra discretion, but at the expense of versatility.

Mig Cigs are compatible with blank, refillable cartridges, but they don’t come with the standard starter kit. Sadly, they’ll need to be purchased separately, while the VaporFi Express clearomizers are included with the standard starter kit.

Is The VaporFi Express A Go-To Vape?

This concludes VapeRevs VaporFi Express review. Now that we’ve examined the VaporFi Express’s price as well as its full feature list, we can determine whether or not it’s a worthwhile vape to consider. All things considered, the VaporFi Express is a great buy.

It’s easily one of the most powerful cigalike vapes on the market. Sure, some will offer more power, but most vapes equal to the Express in power are significantly larger. Additionally, the Express provides a powerful and flavorful vape session as well as exceptional battery life.

Combine all of that with high-quality construction, a temptingly budget-friendly price, and versatile, open-system clearomizers, and you have a winning cigalike vape. The VaporFi Express is an easy cartridge system to recommend.

Owners of the VaporFi Express E-cig should chime in in the comments down below! If you love your VaporFi Express system, tell us all about your experience. What do you like and what could use some improvement? Let us know!

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