Unlike older versions, the 3 has three adjustable airflow slots. It also comes with two sub-ohm coils with parallel builds rated between 70-90W, so vapers can use it with many mods. The coil heads are stainless steel and have an extraordinarily long vape life for sub-ohm coils.

Uwell Crown III: Ins and Outs

The Uwell Crown III, as per this review, has the advantage of being much easier to use, vape and maintain than previous versions. It uses a convenient plug-and-play configuration for the coils. So there are no threads to wear down. The vape kit also comes stocked with plenty of replacement parts and spare coils.

Kit Contents

uwell crown 3 starter kit image

  • One Uwell Crown 3 tank
  • One 0.25ohm Parallel build (pre-installed)
  • One 0.5ohm Parallel build
  • Bag of O-rings
  • Spare glass section
  • Crown III key
  • Drip tip cover
  • User manual

Uwell Crown 3: Up Close

The original Crown ushered in the era of sub-ohm vaping. The vape tank was very tall, reflecting its importance, at least, at the time. Its height was one thing everyone remembered about it. The Crown towered over all other tanks standing at close to 3 inches, from base to drip tip.

uwell crown 3 silver image

The new version, the 3 is shorter than the original. The 3 measures in at 2.4 inches, but still has a diameter similar to that of the first, which was 0.96 inches. The new Uwell tank, keeping in line with the first, has an exceptional build. All the parts, including the threads, its airflow adjustment ring, the drip tip, even the coils are very well-made.

The top cap comes off easily and exposes the two fill ports on either side of the chimney. Vapers will also notice the lock-nut in the center of the shaft, which keeps all the other parts of the atomizer in place.

uwell crown 3 tank colors image

The kit includes a unique key that vapers can use to unlock the nut, and then disassemble their tank for easy cleaning, or to replace parts. The second version of this sub-ohm giant also featured this locking mechanism, although it seems unnecessary since all the pieces remain in place, even when the lock is disengaged. Luckily, vapers can leave the lock off, if they want.

The drip tip is Delrin, and although they work well, the color does not always match the rest of the tank. Uwell did this on purpose since users cannot choose their preferred drip tip. They can only select the tank color, and Uwell picks the drip tip color.

uwell crown 3 tank silver image

Since the beginning, Uwell opted for a quartz glass tank, rather than the standard Pyrex version. While some vapers prefer Pyrex, quartz is more heat-resistant, and therefore better suited to high-powered, sub-ohm tanks and mods.

The coil wires, both of which are stainless steel, are perhaps the main draw of the Crown III. They are dual coils, in a parallel build, and last an incredibly long time. The 0.25ohm head can vape anywhere between 80-90W. The 0.5ohm version’s recommended range is between 70-80W.

Uwell Crown 3: Even More Up-Close

With its gold-plated 510 connection, the Crown is compatible with any 510-threaded box mod. The top cap, which has a “Crown” and “III” logos engraved into it, removes easily. Vapers need only to turn the cap to twist it off and reveal the two side fill-ports.

uwell crown 3 510 image

The fill-ports are not that big. They can fit a needle or syringe applicator, but a dropper may cause some spillage. Removing the top cap, users will notice the lock-nut underneath. This locking mechanism is the most curious, if not, the oddest feature of the tank.

What impact it has on the overall vaping experience remains to be seen. Leaving the lock in the tank creates a tighter draw, as it syncs up perfectly with the drip tip. Taking out the bolt has the effect of creating more space for the vapor to expand, making the draw looser.

It is up to vapers to decide what to do with the mechanism – leave it in or take it out. Someone who wants to clean the tank needs to remove it anyway, to disassemble the atomizer. Users also need to remove the base to replace the coil.

The base also acts as a condensation holder and needs regular cleaning since there might be build-up after a few uses. Unlike with the original, the new version does not have bottom fill-ports. The 3 does have three adjustable airflow slots, which the first did not have.

uwell crown 3 tank rellif image

The slots are all synced together so moving one adjusts all of them. There is a stopper that keeps the vents from moving on their own or getting too full. Removing the base allows for the removal and installation of the coil.

The 0.25ohm, stainless steel atomizer comes installed. Since the coils are threadless, vapers need only to pull or plug the coils to connect them. The juice ports on each of the coils are enormous. There are four elongated slots, instead of the regular holes that most coils use.

The parallel build of the stainless steel wiring in each shaft is impressive compared to the bullet-shaped coils of the 2 vape tank. Perhaps with larger, more absorbent wicks, as well as the dual coil build, the coils can last longer than usual vape coils.

Uwell Crown 3 Review: In Action

Each atomizer head has a separate rating. The 0.25ohm one can vape anywhere between 80-90W, while the second 0.5ohm one can vape between 70-80W so they are compatible with many different mods. Anyone using either of one them will soon discover that both of them are under-rated.

With the dual parallel build inside both heads, they can take much more than the recommended wattage. The vapor feels good, staying within those bounds but it lacks density and a bit of flavor. Pushing the wattage higher, even beyond 100W, is where the coils start to perform above-par.

Even the higher 0.5ohm can take more than the recommended wattage to get the most out of its performance. The lower 0.25ohm can also be pushed beyond its limits. The cloud size was amazing approaching 110W, and the flavor profile of every juice stood out remarkably well.

uwell crown 3 coils image

Fiddling with the airflow can increase the cloud production, especially when vaping at higher wattages. Restricted airflow means a tighter draw, but when pushing the power output, the cloud size will not be as significant.

Cleaning the Tank

Uwell made sure that taking care of the 3 would be easier than other sub-ohm tanks. Whether the locking mechanism is in place or not makes no difference since the whole apparatus is easy to take apart.

The only parts that need regular cleaning are the glass tank section and the condensation holder at the base. These parts remove easily and take only a few wipes with warm water and soap to get clean.

We Like:

  • Beautifully designed
  • Great aesthetic features
  • Coils are impressive
  • Amazing vapor production
  • Flavor is on point

We Don’t Like:

  • Mismatched drip tip colors
  • Small fill ports

The Final Verdict on the Uwell Crown 3

The Uwell atomizer has outgrown its status as a workhorse of a tank, to become a sophisticated, good-looking, well-made cloud-pumping machine, at least according to this review. The Crown 3 represents Uwell reaching for and attaining something close to perfection.

The parallel build coils are the obvious choice for the secret in the vape sauce that makes the tank so impressive. The large juice ports allow for more e-juice absorption, which means greater vapor production. But it is not just clouds that the tank puts out. The flavor profiles of any e-juice put into the tank reveals itself in every inhale.

The coils, the quartz glass section (which is more heat-resistant than Pyrex), the triple adjustable airflow vents, they all come together to produce an above-average vaping experience. On the outside, the atomizer does not falter either. It is beautifully machined with every edge and surface gleaming in the light.

The various color options all work too from the somber stainless steel to the loud and vibrant rainbow option. All the words possible to describe how this sub-ohm dynamo excels in every respect have been exhausted so, suffice it to say, that the Uwell Crown III is a crowning achievement for sub-ohm vaping.

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