The high-quality mod manufacturer Lost Vape, presents his latest version of the Therion Mod, the Therion BF (Bottom Feeder) DNA 75C. Featuring the well-known specifications of a DNA mod, a full-color TFT screen, genuine leather, carbon fiber or wood panels and more as you will find out in this review.

Therion BF DNA 75C is powered by one 18650 battery, the output is between 1W and 75W.The body is made of zinc alloy and the atomizer 510 connector is made of stainless steel.

The squonk mod is available in Black, Black-Silver, Crown Bull-Black, Crown Bull-Silver, Pearl Fish-Black, Pearl Fish-Silver, Red Crocodile-Black, Red Crocodile-Silver, White Crocodile-Black, White Crocodile-Silver, Yellow Crocodile-Black, Yellow Crocodile-Silver, Yellow Ostrich-Black and Yellow Ostrich-Silver.

In the box we find the Therion DAN75C BF, one USB upgrade/charging cable, one super soft bottle of 8ml, one refill bottle of 30ml and the user manual.

Therion BF DNA 75C Review


Therion BF DNA 75C Review 1

DNA75C inside!

Therion BF mod offers the newsest chip from Evolv, the DNA75C. Fully customizable with Escribe software and firmware upgradeable.

Quality materials, genuine leather

Besides the chip, the value of this mod is also given by the quality of the materials used, the full body is made from zinc alloy, the cover of the battery is made of genuine leather.

Quick and easy refill

In the box of the Therion is present also a high-quality refill bottle of 30ml, with some easy changes you can directly transfer the e-liquid from the 30ml bottle to the 10ml bottle of the mod thought the 510 BF connector.

Therion BF DNA 75C Review 2

Diving In

Therion BF DNA 75C Review 3

Removing the mod cover will reveal the well build 10ml bottle with the stainless-steel top cap on which we find the “Lost Vape” writing. Also, after the bottle, we find the second semi-cover of the battery. One minus this mod will get is that in order to get access to the battery storage you will need to remove the 10ml bottle.

After we put the battery and the bottle in, we can access the mod functionality. Five presses on the fire button to unlock and lock the device.

On the main screen, we found, from top to bottom: the battery percentage, the used mod, the power(in watts mod), the voltage, the resistance of the coil, the lock and unlock icon of the resistance of the coil, the info icon, pre-heat function icon and settings icon.

The mods supported are Watts, NiFethal 30, SS 430, SS 316L, Nickel 200, SS316 and Titanium. In Watts mod, we can get from 1W to 75W, one downside of this dna75C is that you cannot change the decimals, the wattage will be an integer number.

From the menu you can set the number of clicks to lock and unlock the device, by default is five.

In the Settings menu, you can load all the profiles you have created. The profiles can be customized, connecting the mod with the USB cable to PC, from Escribe software.

In order to refill the 10ml bottle you will need to twist the ring to open the air hole, then with the 30ml bottle connected on the 510 connector, simply squeeze the e-liquid in. After you finish remember to close the air hole twisting the 10ml bottle cap in opposite direction.

Therion BF DNA 75C Review 4

We Like:

  • Newest DNA Chip
  • Hight quality materials
  • Fast refill
  • Gorgeous attention to details

We Don’t Like:

  • The need to remove the bottle first in order to replace the battery
  • Slightly movement of the battery cover
  • No decimals in Watts mod


The Therion BF DNA75C is a fantastic mod. At a very good price for a DNA chip device. Hight quality materials and all the features and protections a DNA can give. Looking for a single battery BF mod? Look no further. We definitely recommend the Therion BF DNA 75C!

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