Tesla WYE 200W intro


Maybe one of the most important aspects of a mod is the weight of it. No one really likes a mod that weights a lot or it`s chunky. Therefore, TESLA thought about this aspect, and finally, they launched on the wide market a mod that promises to be lightweight even with the batteries inside.

There are a lot of features and safety settings you will find, all included in the TESLA WYE 200W that we are going to review today.

The mod is available in 6 different colors: black, yellow, orange, blue, white and green. The design includes paintbrush spots effect for a more unique look. Each effect is customized, and you will not find a Tesla WYE 200W mod that has the same texture as the other.

In case you decide to order the mod, in your box you will find the WYE 200W mod, a USB cable, one user manual. The required 18650 batteries are not included, so make sure you will have them ready by when you will get the box with the mod.



The lightest 200W

Tesla promises to give you the best features, all included in one very light mod. Therefore, the weights only 64.5 grams and it needs dual 18650 cells to work. This means that this mod is three times lighter than the majority of the mods available on the market right now. The power can go up to 200W.

Paint splatter design

The mod is available in six nice and vibrant colors. On top of that, the design is based on an effect of paint splatter which is non-copyable and unique for every mod.

Powerful functions

This mod includes more functions for any user: the resistance setting, the resistance lock/unlock, the taste mode, the user mode, the output mode and the memory mode. All these functions help to customize the vaping process and to make it more pleasable for any vaper.

Ergonomic design

Tesla focused on the design of this mod, also on the battery cover that comes with an ergonomic design. This means you will be able to easily open the battery door and install or remove the batteries.

Diving in


Tesla WYE 200W mod

By taking the mod from the box, the lightweight feeling is kind of nice. Even when you insert the dual 18650 batteries, the mod will still feel light. The mod fits nice in hand and it is also quite pocketable. The materials chosen for this mod are ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PC (Polycarbonate) and are specially choosed for durability and also for heat resistance. These two materials make sure that you have a light and resistant mod at the same time.

The mod has various venting holes that are located around the frame, making sure that you won`t get in trouble with overheating problems.


The fire button is quite large and easy to use. The mod also has plus and minus buttons for you to surf through the system with the help of the large OLED screen that displays easy to read information. In fact, the menu is very easy to use and you can configure many aspects with the help of the home screen, without having to navigate through the system too much.

The display is able to show various information such as the current power output, the temperature limit, the resistance, the resistance lock and unlock, the voltage output, the current taste mode, the output mode, the battery life and the memory mode.

At the base, the mod includes a USB port which is proper for charging the mod or even upgrading the firmware.

The quick access to the battery space is provided by an easy to use door cover. The door is based on a magnet gives you the ability to place it normally or reverse and it will still fit perfectly.

The top of the mod includes a 510 connector, the atty fits really nice and there are no gaps. A pro is that there are no chances of overhang not even with a 25mm tanks.

Press five times the fire button in order to turn the device one. By pressing the same button five times again, you will lock the device. When adding an atomizer to the mod, the system will ask you if a new coil was installed. This is a pretty smart addition.

If you want to lock the wattage or the temperate limit while being in TC mode, you can simply press simultaneously the fire button and the minus button. For increasing or decreasing the wattage, you just need to press the plus or the minus button. For navigating through the home screen you just need to press the fire button three times. By choosing the NORM setting on the menu, you will be able to go to the TASTE MODE that will allow you to choose the preheat setting from normal, to soft or hard.

Also if you are in the wattage mode, you can customize your vape and you can choose different intensities that will build a 10-second vape. You can customize each second and create your own wattage curve for having the wanted effect when vaping.
The output mode can be set on: wattage mode, TC mode: SS316, Ni200, Titanium and TCR mode.

The Tesla WYE 200W provides a memory mode that allows you to save the settings made. This memory mode is devided in three slots, which means you can save three different kinds of settings and you can access them quick and easy.

The system is upgradeable, therefore you can simply connect the mod with your computer with the help of the USB cable provided. The chip makes the mod work perfectly and it is very responsive when making any change.

Overall the mod works well and you will not have problems with it regarding scratches or fingerprints. Still, when the device turns into sleep mode, there is a small firing delay but this is not such a bothering aspect. There are no overheating problems while using the mod.


We Like:

  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to use menu
  • Multiple smart functions

We Don’t Like:

  • Small firing delay when the mod turns on sleep mode


The TESLA WYE 200 W combines everything that a proper mod needs. Even though is light in weight, the mod is very durable and it provides various protections for a safer usage. With all this being said, the mod is recommendable for any vaper from beginners to advanced users. It also has an affordable price for any pocket, which is an important plus as well.

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