Here it is the newest mod from Tesla that is able to reach 120W of output power. Ladies and gentlemen this is the Nano 120W box and it comes with an astonishing look. The menu features more settings than ever and the vaping experience is amazing.

All four color options available are in metal finishes. Therefore you can choose between the black, silver, copper and bronze.

By opening the box with the kit, you`ll find one Teslacigs Nano 120W box mod, one user manual that is available in seven languages, one battery safety card and one factory certificate.


Tesla Nano 120W Review 1

Steampunk Style

Tesla thought for this mod to include a design with a retro style. The texture looks like metal and the gear design makes it look like an artwork.

Toggle Switch Design

Everybody is used with pressing the same fire button five times to turn the device on and off. Tesla thought about this and they implemented a toggle switch.

Innovative Taste Control

There are four controls when it comes about taste and the point is that any vaper can choose the wanted mode whether is the normal, the soft, the hard or the custom user one.

Memory Function

On the Nano 120 W mod, it is possible to set three groups of data. In this way, you can save the wanted personalized settings such as the wattage, TCR, temp mode, or taste mode. This feature provides the possibility to have the wanted personalized vaping experience without having to lose time with the settings each time.

New Battery Cover Design

The cover of the batteries is silver plated. This thing will lead to a higher electrical conductivity than ever. At the same time, the battery cover has four venting slots for heat dissipation. The mechanism of the cover is easy to use and there is no need for any other tool to open or close it.

Tesla Nano 120W Review 2

Multiple Protections

The more protections the merrier! Probably this is what Tesla thought regarding the Nano 120W mod as there are various protections included. The low voltage, no atomizer alter, reverse battery insertion, atomizer short protection or over puffing are some of the protections available on this mod.

The Tesla Nano 120W Steampunk: Diving In

Tesla Nano 120W Review 3

We got to admit that the mod looks astonishing. The pattern is really nice and it looks like an old watch mechanism. For all four colors available, the mod has nice metal touches. It is made of zinc alloy and it feels pretty good in hand even though it`s a little bit weighty but not uncomfortably weighty. It weighs 250g so we`ve seen mods heavier than that. There are no sharp edges, fact that makes it comfortable to keep it in hand.

The entire chassis is made of thick alloy and it comes in a single piece. There are no other visible screws and seams on the mod which is very nice as it provides a quality look-alike. Basically, there is no plastic anywhere in the construction of this mod. Even the nice battery door that is located at the bottom of the mod is made of zinc alloy. The door is the access to the space that houses two 18650 cells which are not included in the kit. It is great that the battery door has readable information on it, as there were cases of other mods where the plus and minus signs were faded.

Tesla Nano 120W Review 5

On one side of the mod is located the fire button. It has a nice round shape but a very tiny, molecular con is that it rattles a tiny bit. Below the fire button is the power button. That`s right! No more “five times fire button pressing” for turning the mod on. There is a nice button instead that does that fast and easy. There are also the plus and minus buttons that will help you to scroll through settings.

Near the power button there is the 0.9” OLED screen that provides as much information as possible. Therefore you can easily read the resistance, the wattage, the voltage, the output mode, the coil material, the battery level and the memory mod. A good addition is that the battery power can be read in graphic and percentage readout as well. The screen is pretty bright and it has the right size.

The menu is very easy to use despite the fact that is very abundant in information. Just press the fire button three times in order to go to the menu and use the plus and minus buttons to scroll through the different settings. Once you decided what you want to select, press the fire button once. In this way, you can select the ohm by adjusting with the help of the plus and minus buttons. You can also select the strength or personalize the power curve. The watts will increment with 0.5 at a time, which is a pretty good idea.

There are four outputs available, as apart from the normal, soft and hard, Tesla included also a user mode. This means any vaper can personalize his or her settings regarding the power. The user mode will provide the possibility to create a power curve for 10 seconds. Still, you have to remember that the user mode can be only used in the KA mode.

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The maximum reachable power is 120W which is pretty decent. The temperature range is from 100 to 300 degrees Celsius. There are three modes available: TC, TCR and KA. The resistance of the atomizer can be from 0.05 ohm to 1.0 ohm in the TC or TCR mode. In the KA mode, the resistance can range between 0.1ohm to 3.0ohm. The temperature control, the coils are customizable as well with the possibility to choose from Nickel 200, Stainless Steel 316 and Titanium.

The mod includes three slots of memory that can help you to save three types of settings you want to use while vaping. This is pretty cool, as there will be no need to rewrite the settings all the time when using other atty.

The top of the mod includes a 510 spring connector and some smooth threads. The top can fit a 25mm atty without any problems regarding overhang. There are no spaces either between the atty and the mod, which is very nice.

There is no USB port so don`t bother looking for USB cable in the box. You will need a charger to fill up your batteries.

The protections available are numerous and each one of them makes sure that the vaping process is a safe and smooth one. So, there is the over puff protection, the low voltage one, the no atomizer alert one, the reverse connection one and the atomizer short protection that all seems to work very well.

We Like:

  • Amazing, good looking design
  • Rich and easy to use menu
  • No overhang problems
  • Various protections
  • User mode for personalized experience

We Don’t Like:

  • The fire button rattles a little bit
  • It could have a faster scrolling from 100w down to 10w


With all this been said an amazing look and an overall good work are some aspects that for sure you will love on the Tesla Nano 120W mod. Apart from the small cons, everything is perfect and loveable on this mod. The menu has a multitude of options, the attys don`t overhang and the power is saved throughout the day. 100% recommended!

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