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It seems like the Chinese company Goldreams Technology paired with Foxconn in order to create an interesting type of vape kit that has a sleek and stylish design. There are different features that the brand new Suorin Air kit includes so let`s discover them together with the help of this review.

There are various color options you can choose for the battery of this kit but the top of it(cartridge) always stays black. Therefore you can choose from different combinations of black and rose gold, slender gunmetal, luxury gold, urban silver, royal red, deep blue or exquisite black.

In the nice looking box you will get a Suorin Battery, one refillable cartridge, one USB charging cable and one user manual.

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Suorin Air Kit Review

Integrated and simple design

The brand new Suorin Air comes with integrated battery and simple design with not too many buttons and other complicated features. Therefore, you just have to assemble it and vape. Simple as that!

Stylish and portable

The device is completely pocketable so there will be no problems in carrying it around. The design is also pretty modern and ergonomic and for sure it is one of the most elegant and sleek devices you`ll ever see.

Exquisite luxury with simple style

The easiness in usage and the exquisite looking of the Suorin Air can transform it into a pretty recommendable device for anyone.

Intelligent design

The features of the Suorin Air are especially included for easiness in vaping. For instance, the intelligent battery included will recognize immediately when you try to vape and it will make the device to function by just a simple draw, without having to touch any button.

Diving In

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Suorin Air kit review

From the very beginning, the package really surprises in elegancy. The kit comes packed really well in a nice and elegant white box. The refillable cartridge is empty, so make sure you will get your favorite flavored e-liquid before you start using the kit.

You can also shop for other accessories such as replacement pods or elegant leather cases that will protect your mod when keeping it in bag or pocket.

The battery itself is really elegant and the first thing that comes to my mind in a matter of lookalikes is a smartphone, with a metallic finish and quite minimalistic design. There are not too many complicated aspects regarding the overall design as there are no screens or complicated settings.

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The Suorin Air doesn`t even include a fire bar or button as the mod includes intelligent features through which you just have to take a draw and the battery will automatically start to work. At the very bottom, you will see the ON and OFF buttons and the USB port. In the same area, you`ll see a pretty small venting slot that will prevent overheating.

The very top of the mod is also the actual a door that has a magnetic connection. You`d be surprised how many venting slots you`ll find on this sleek mod, as you also have them on top. The top door will help to get the cartridge out or place it in. The cartridge comes in a dark color, a fact that makes it pretty hard to guess how much you have left of the 2 ml of juice. Luckily the cartridge is refillable so you can use it all the times with no problem. But you won`t have to worry as the 2 ml of liquid will be enough for a full day, considering that the maximum power output is of just 16 watts. Therefore there won`t be too much energy loss, not too much liquid loss and the coils won`t get burnt.

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Regarding the liquid, the manufacturer recommends to use 60/40 VG/PG or 70/30 kind of liquids in order to make sure there will be no leaking issues. Therefore, in case you don`t have such liquids, you can purchase them directly from the Sinous shop.

This mod doesn`t even include a mouthpiece or something, and you`ll just have to draw on the side in the top area. Still, make sure you`ll draw a little bit harder as the battery command doesn`t respond as extremely fast as a mod that includes a firing bar/button.

The battery has a decent capability of 400 mAh and it is capable to last a good amount of 4 to 5 hours for heavy users. Honestly, I find this aspect pretty surprising as there are not too many expectations from such a tiny device. Therefore, a normal user can get even a full day of usage without any problems.

But a more spectacular aspect is the charging time as it gets only 30 minutes for the Suorin Air to get fully charged.

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A nice aspect is also the battery indicator included in the design. So usually when you draw and the battery is charged over 50%, the LED light gets blue and when there is not too much battery left and it gets under 50% the color will get red. It will be a little hard to guess exactly when the device will stop working for good and mostly for the ones like me who think that 50% is still enough for half a day of usage when it comes about any battery based device. But considering the extremely fast charging process, I bet this won`t be such a big problem.

Overall, the device works pretty fine for beginners. Even the vaping production is pretty similar to the production of smoke but the taste is, as we know, diverse. The elements of the mod are pretty elegant and the battery works really fine. There were no overheating problems, so the mod is quite safe to use throughout the day. One aspect that I would`ve liked is for the manufacturers to include the second refillable cartridge as after a period of time there might be the need to get a new one. On the other hand, the integrated battery saves money from purchasing cells, therefore it`s almost a win-win situation with the missing extra cartridge.

We Like:

  • Extremely fast charging
  • Nice and elegant design
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Beginner friendly
  • Good lasting battery for such a small device

We Don’t Like:

  • No extra refillable cartridge
  • It responds a little hard when taking a draw


With everything being said, the Suorin Air can be a perfect option for any beginner who has just quit smoking and wants a similar experience. Otherwise, a more advanced user will find it a little hard to get used with a device that includes built-in settings, a small amount of power and a short life od the battery. Even though the device doesn`t come up with anything new, I`d say it`s a pretty spectacular device. For advanced users, it can be very useful as a secondary electronic cigarette.

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