The Nord also gives you multiple coil choices, with the kit including 2 coils (0.6ohm mesh coil and 1.4ohm regular coil) and a 1.0ohm ceramic coil available for a separate purchase. Its LED light indicator is quite intelligent too, letting you know the device’s battery level, whether or not the pod has been successfully connected to the device upon pushing it in, and when the vape is in use and firing. It’s the best vape, which also comes with multiple protections to avoid potential risks like lithium battery protection, short-circuit protection, low voltage protection, and an 8-second cut-off time. And many other things that will be explored in this review.

Kit Content


  • Nord pod system (like a tank)
  • 0.6-ohm mesh coil (optimized for sub-ohm vaping)
  • 1.0ohm ceramic coils
  • 1.4-ohm regular coil (optimized for MTL vaping)
  • Micro-USB port charging system
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Build Quality and Design Overview

With a straightforward yet effective look, the SMOK Nord vape is available in 32 colors: white carbon fiber, black carbon fiber, red carbon fiber, gold carbon fiber, blue carbon fiber, green carbon fiber, 7-color carbon fiber, silver carbon fiber, black and white resin, red and yellow resin, blue and black resin, green and red resin, yellow and purple resin, blue and brown resin, IML 7-color resin streak, full black, prism gold, bottle green, red, prism rainbow, black and white, brick red shell, 7-color shell, purple shell, gold shell, blue shell, 7-color oil painting, 7-color spray, black camouflage, blue camouflage, gold camouflage, and lastly, red camouflage.


The SMOK Nord vape features a rectangular fire button located at about halfway up and has a hollow top section where the pod is to be placed – leaving just the mouthpiece visible. The fire button has a small LED light in the center that serves as the device’s display. On the other hand, a mouthpiece that is shaped like a duck’s bill and is quite comfortable to use. The SMOK logo can be seen at the front of the device, while “Nord” is written at its back. The best SMOK Nord is well put together, with the pod section fitting snugly into the top of the battery, the button working just as expected, and the device in its entirety managing to feel sturdy without being excessively heavy and bulky.

Experience using the SMOK Nord

The SMOK Nord is the best vape which is easy to use, and functions just like any other button activated pod vape, which we will show in our review. Clicking 5 times will turn it on or off, and you just have to press and hold it while inhaling from the mouthpiece to start vaping. Setting it up is easy too, you just have to charge it up using the integrated micro-USB port, and the included micro-USB charging cable until the LED light stops flashing – an indicator that the vape is fully charged.


The SMOK Nord, while lacking the ability to vape with variable wattage, still delivers enough oomph. You get a bountiful throat hit that will give you some kind of satisfying feeling that you’ll normally get from traditional tobacco cigarettes. Regarding its dimensions and weight, the SMOK Nord is top-notch and is portable.

Battery Life and LED Indicator

Starting with the Nord’s 1100mAh internal battery which is a pretty solid offering for a pod-style device, you can get a full day’s worth of vaping comfortably. A full charge will last you around one and a half fully-filled pods, which should be enough for a day of use. It charges quickly too, taking just a little less than 2 hours from fully drained to fully charged.


The LED light cycles through red, amber, and green while charging and switches off when it’s fully charged. The LED light indicator located at the center of the fire button lights up when the pod is inserted – confirming that it’s connected and also lights up when the fire is pressed. Two presses and the LED light will light up either green as an indication that your battery is above 70%, amber if it is between 30 to 70%, or red if it is lower than 30%. Five-button presses will switch the pod device off and prompt the LED light indicator to flash white 3 times – letting you know that the device has been successfully turned off.

SMOK Nord Pod

The best SMOK Nord vape, out of the box, comes with just one replaceable pod that can hold up to 3mL of e-juice. The pod has a clear bottom and a black plastic at the tap – forming the mouthpiece.


Also, the pod has a small window in it that could be used to view your remaining e-juice level. The pod is to be filled on its side, and it uses a small rubber plug to seal it and prevent it from leaking – where it does a pretty good job at. To refill it, you just have to pull the tank out from the top of the vape and turn it on its side, open the rubber flap that covers the fill hole, and then you can proceed with refilling it – pretty easy and straightforward.

SMOK Nord Coils

Two coils come with the Nord vape: a 0.6ohm mesh coil which is designed for DTL vaping as it provides an airy draw and a 1.4ohm regular Kanthal coil which is designed for MTL vaping as it provides an airy but slightly tighter draw. There is also a 1.0ohm ceramic coil that could be bought separately, and it is designed for MTL vaping too.

How the coils perform

The 0.6ohm mesh coil performs pretty nicely, providing exceptional vapor production that is much more that you would expect from such a small and compact vape – it’s pretty much in line with what a simple mod would put out. The flavor is awesome, too, with your e-liquid’s different notes coming through clearly and strongly. It has an open draw that is a little tighter than what you’d expect from a rebuildable atomizer or a sub-ohm tank, but it still is surely suitable for DTL vaping.


The 1.4ohm regular Kanthal coil puts out plenty of vapor too, with a tight enough draw for MTL vaping. While it’s a little looser than cigarette smokers are used to, the difference is small enough for the transition to be an easy one. The flavor it puts out is quite good and is comparable to the 0.6ohm mesh coil.

SMOK Nord V2

The SMOK Nord V2, from our review, is basically just the SMOK Nord that comes in new color options: black and white resin, red and yellow resin, blue and black resin, green and red resin, yellow and purple resin, blue and brown resin, and IML 7-color resin streak.

What e-liquid to use with the SMOK Nord?

Both standard e-liquids and nicotine salt liquids could be used with the best SMOK Nord; it all depends on which coil you use. The 0.6ohm mesh coil, designed for sub-ohm vaping, provides extraordinary flavor and dense vapor production and is recommended for vaping with standard e-s. The 1.4ohm regular coil, on the other hand, is designed for MTL vaping and is recommended for vaping with nicotine salt e-juice.


SMOK Nord vs Juul

The Nord vape is, in every way, superior to the Juul – from the cost of running and acquiring to battery life to performance. Also, the Nord costs way less to own and run as it is refillable and comes with 2 coil heads out of the kit.


The SMOK Nord is powered by a built-in 1100mAh and has a decent battery life – giving you a day’s worth of vaping. Its battery is more than four times the size of the Juul’s 200mAh.

SMOK Nord vs Uwell Caliburn

The Nord, from our review, has a larger battery than the Uwell Caliburn, with the latter sporting only a 520mAh.

uwell caliburn image

The Caliburn costs much more than the Nord. Also, you get more coil choices with the Nord – allowing you to choose between mesh, regular, and ceramic. The Nord is more versatile than the Caliburn.

Where to Buy SMOK Nord Kit?

The best SMOK Nord kit is widely available in the vape market and is pretty easy to get. Of course, it is available in SMOK’s web store. The Nord is also available in a lot of physical vape shops and online ones, too.

We Like:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • 3mL e-juice capacity
  • Replaceable coils
  • Both MTL and DL pods
  • 1100mAH internal battery
  • Produces excellent vapor
  • Great flavor
  • Simple refilling system
  • Excellent built-in safety features
  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • Pocketable and compact

We Don’t Like:

  • Leaking around the contact point
  • Difficult to monitor e-juice level
  • Fire button is quite sensitive
  • Airflow is not adjustable


You’ll surely be satisfied with our review and with the SMOK Nord – from its looks to its features and performance. In this review, we show this device from different sides. The SMOK Nord is pretty much a fantastic all-in-one solution, especially for those who are new to vaping and for those who would like the option to switch from sub-ohm vaping to MTL vaping. The SMOK Nord gives you plenty of vapor and flavor, all in just one portable and lightweight kit. In review, it could be said that the Nord is one of the best pod-style devices on the market today, thanks to its versatility and it being very easy to use. The SMOK Nord is the best vape and overall has great design, build, features, and a pretty large battery for a pod-style vape that will give you more time to enjoy vaping. You’ll be very pleased with the information in our review.

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