Here it comes one of the most compact mods available on the wide market. The Smoant Battlestar can go up to 200W and includes important features. Some say the Battlestar is just a clone of Wismec 2/3 mod because of the similarities in design, but I can tell you this is more than just a copy.

When it comes about colors, the Battlestar comes in 17 versions. You can choose between Classic bronze, CWC camo, GC camo, Rainbow, Camo, Golden, Black, White, Yellow, Cooper-colored, Stainless Steel, Silver, Dark Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Bronze Blue and Tarnish.

In the box we have a Battlestar 200W mod, one USB cable, one instruction manual and one prompt card.

Smoant Battlestar 200W Review


Smoant Battlestar 200W Review 1

Small & Portable & Ergonomic

It seems like the level of portability is important when it comes about mods. Therefore, Smoant created a proper mod that is pocket friendly and very easy to carry around all day long.

From 1W to 200W of power

Despite the small size, this ergonomic mod offers big power from 1W up to 200W. This is enough power for any vaper who wants to make big clouds and want to have a rich taste of the wanted flavor.

Excellent Build Quality

The quality of the materials used make this mod durable in time. This mod won`t get any scratch anytime soon.

Magnets Back Cover

The back cover that keeps batteries inside has magnets installed, therefore it will not only be much easier to place the cover to its place but it will stick perfectly to the mod body.

Venting System

The Battlestar 200W has a well build venting system which will make sure that the batteries are cooled down in an efficient way.

Smoant Battlestar 200W Review 2

Diving In

Smoant Battlestar 200W Review 3

Smoant Battlestar 200W mod

As a first glance, the Battlestar 200W looks quite triangular. Still, it has soft edges and is pretty ergonomic. It looks pretty resistant to dirt. The mod has 83.5 mm in height, 40 mm in width and 34 mm in depth.

All buttons can be found on the front side of the mod. The buttons have a very fine rattle but this is not a very big problem. First, it comes the fire button which is round shaped and it pretty clickly.

Below the fire button you will see a rectangular shaped OLED screen that provides all the information needed. It may not be the biggest OLED screen even seen, but still it is very bright and easy to read. The screen will show the resistance, the battery power, the voltage and the wattage or the temperature mode. The OLED screen also has a layer of protective glass, fact that will prevent it from scratches.

Smoant Battlestar 200W Review 5

The plus and minus buttons are located near the OLED screen and they are part of the same button. At the bottom you will see a micro USB port that is for charging that two batteries(not recommended). The device is not firmware upgradeable, but this is not such an important con as there are many classics out there who don`t like upgrading their mods all the time.

On the button side is the battery door that houses two batteries. The door is magnetic which is pretty cool as it is much easier to perfectly fit and secure it. Keep in mind you will need two 18650 batteries for the mod to work properly.

A nice addition to this mod is the fact that it includes a lot of ventilation holes that are visible on each side of the mod but also at the bottom or on the battery door.

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The Battlestar mod features the 510 connector which is gold plated. Looking great with atomizers of 22-25 mm.

The mod also supports different modes such as the TC with Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Stell and NiChrome. There are also three TCR presets for a more personalized vaping experience.

For turning the device on just press the fire button five times consecutively. When you want to turn it off you will have to press the same button five times again. You need to press three times the fire button in order to go in the menu of the mod. The menu is very easy to operate and there is no doubt that any person will be able to easily work with it.

A nice addition is the smart recognition of the tank installed. Therefore when installing a new tank the mode will give two choices. The plus choice will allow you to set the new resistance for the new tank and the minus choice will make the mod set up the original(past) settings.

There is also the possibility to flip the screen by pressing for a longer time the two plus and minus buttons at the same time. This mod offers even the possibility to read easier information on screen. Therefore you can press the fire button and the plus button at the same time if you want to have white background and black text. The fire button and the minus button pressed simultaneously will reverse the option, therefore you will have a black background and white text.

For a simple lock of the temperature and the power settings just long press the fire button and the plus and minus buttons. Still, the Battlestar 200W doesn`t includes a feature that will lock the all the buttons of the device, therefore you will have to be careful when carrying it around. Otherwise you can simply turn it off just to make sure that the accidental press of the buttons won`t change the settings saved or fire the mod.

Overall the device works pretty well and it can read the resistance as low as 0.1 ohm. The maximum power is of 200W. There are several people who honestly don`t trust they can reach the 200W with only two 18650 cells.

There is no fire delay, therefore the device responds pretty well to commands. It also includes various protections for a safer vaping experience like: the no atomizer protection, the low resistance one, the short circuit one, the low battery voltage one and the overheating protection.

We Like:

  • Ergonomic and portable design
  • More venting holes for heat dissipation
  • Easy to use menu

We Don’t Like:

  • Buttons slightly tend to rattle
  • The OLED screen could be a little bit bigger


All in a nutshell, a small device with an easy to use menu and an affordable price transform it into a total win-win for anyone.

Smoant Battlestar 200W Review 5
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