It is impossible for anyone who gazes upon the PAX Era’s bare, anodized aluminum body to not want it and to use it. This Pax vape device is only two-pieces: the pen and the cartridge. It has no buttons and features four preset temperatures. The unit can pair with any smartphone though, which allows for precise temperature control through a special app.

Pax Era Review: Unlocking the Secrets of the Era

The PAX Era pen is good at hiding its complex attributes. It may look simple, but to experience all the features that it has, any user will have to take a look at the manual or read a review. They will no doubt be surprised at how much this tiny little vape device can do.

Kit Contents

  • The PAX Era Device
  • USB charger
  • Pods not included


Design and Build Quality

The simplicity of the PAX Era’s exterior belies a sophisticated interior. A lot is going on for such a simple-looking device. Hopefully, this review will shed light on all the things it can do. The battery section is all anodized aluminum, which is very sturdy. The lightweight 240mAh cell feels almost weightless when holding it.

Standing at barely over 3 inches, the vape is ideal for discreet and portable vaping. Its ease of use is another siren call to anyone who wants a simple, ready-to-go oil pen vaporizer.

Like its sister device, the PAX Juul, this new oil pen responds to taps and shakes from the user to activate its features, of which there are many. The famous, four LED-pedals, which is the PAX Labs logo that is also found on the PAX dry herb vaporizers are also on the Era.


The light array tells the user the power and temperature level, as well as how many doses they have taken. The device has four preset temperatures. A different color represents each temperature and the various LED pedals lighting up.

  • Low – 520F – One green light
  • Med-Low – 610F – Two yellow lights
  • Med-High – 700F – Three amber lights
  • High – 790F – Four red lights

To start vaping, users need only insert a pre-fill, and start inhaling. The Era can output 8W, but the device uses a specific algorithm to regulate temperature. It does not always keep climbing, but reaches the desired level and stays there, so the battery does not drain. Each session offers the same level of consistency, for each temperature setting.

Users can check the power level by shaking the device. The LED array lights up either:

  • One white light – 0-25%
  • Two white lights – 25-50%
  • Three white lights – 50-75%
  • Four white lights – 75-100%

The newest feature offered by PAX Labs, and talked about in this review as well as others, is the session control function. Tapping the unit’s body twice lights up the LED array to show how many draws the user has taken.

  • Four green LED lights to indicate the start of a session
  • Four blue LED lights indicate the mid-point
  • Four red LED light shows the maximum amount of draws

The session resets after 30 minutes. The usage indicator can help users control their session, as well as measure how much they have been vaping. These features (power level, temperature control, and usage control) are only what a user can do with the device itself.

If someone downloads the Era app and links it to their smartphone, the functions available to them are endless. Among the most advanced features are:

  • Precision temperature control
  • Child-lock feature
  • Different color, and brightness options for the lights
  • Games mode

Pax Era Pods

While the tech in the battery section of the device seems light-years ahead of other vape pens, the innovation continues with the PAX Era Pods.

First off, they are proprietary. No other cartridges are compatible with the battery. Second, the pods are pre-filled. Third, users can only buy the pre-fills in states where the law allows it.


Fourth, while the PAX device itself is relatively inexpensive, the pods are another matter. They cost much more than the vape.

These conditions may not sit well with everyone, but the vapor quality, as well as the convenience of the device, make up for it.

Inside each pod there is:

  • 2mm silica wicks
  • Nichrome heater
  • Food-grade plastic
  • Cotton batting to soak up any extra moisture
  • Gold-plated connectors

The wick is unique because it is double-ended. This means that both ends of the wick soak up oil, instead of only one, as is typical with most other vaporizer cartridges. The more oil the wick absorbs, the better, and more full-bodied the vapor becomes.

The cotton inserts also prevent leakage, as well as absorbing any extra condensation that may build-up inside the cartridge. So there is no contamination of the wick by any other liquid other than the oil inside.

Using the PAX Era

The vape comes charged, at least halfway, right out of the box. Charging takes only about 45 minutes, given the small capacity. There is a USB port on the base of the vaporizer, and a USB charger comes in the kit. A fully charged cell can last for around 200 puffs.

The life of the PAX pod, each of which contains around 0.5g of concentrate, varies. Depending on usage, a single pod can last two days or even a month.

pax era paxvapor big

Users need only insert a pod, which will make the lights sweep downward. They sweep upward when someone removes it. The pod is draw-activated. As there are no buttons, there is no danger of the vape misfiring or firing accidentally when not in use.

When vaping, users can switch in between the aforementioned preset temperatures, or download the app for more accurate temperature settings. The ideal temperature is up to the user but anywhere between the two presets – 610F and 700F – gives off the right balance between flavor and cloud size.

Vapor Quality

For such a small device, the vapor production is impressive. Since only a select number of authorized fillers and retailers sell the PAX cartridges, taste and flavor quality depends on from which one a vaper buys.

PAX Era Compatible Pods

Independent of that, if someone buys different strains with different strengths, changing one for another is seamless. There is no flavor transfer. There is no mess, and no need to refill a cartridge. Because each pod is the same (except for the type of concentrate inside) the consistency of the vapor is phenomenal.

All a user has to do is insert the pod, and take a puff. Once the pod is empty, a vaper can throw it out. There is little to no upkeep required of the user, which is yet another thing to like about it.

We Like:

  • Beautiful to look at
  • Unmatched vapor quality
  • Easy-to-use
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • The downloadable app adds many excellent features
  • Portable and lightweight

We Don’t Like:

  • Only works with PAX Era pods
  • Nonrefillable
  • Cartridges are expensive

Pax Era Review: The Last Word

The simplicity and awesomeness of every aspect of the new PAX Era vaporizer speak for itself. The vapor quality is superb. The pods change easily and do not affect the flavor of any previous pod. Each pod is a self-contained, self-sufficient repository of pleasure-inducing goodness. And when its empty, throw it out. The app adds even more customizable features and ensures an even more exciting vaping experience.

Despite the greatness that is the PAX Era, unfortunately, not everyone can buy or even vape it. Anyone who wants to use this device needs to live in legal states, like Colorado, California or Washington, etc. The pods do not ship to states where marijuana is still illegal. Taking any cannabis product across state lines is a federal crime, even in between two legal states. There is some free legal advice, which no other review can offer.

Because the pen only works with PAX-approved pods, there is no hope of using another cartridge or filling an empty pod with another oil. Any attempt to fill an empty canister will void the one-year warranty of the entire device.

For the lucky few who live in legal states, the Era is the last vape pen they will ever have to buy, even though they need to keep buying the oil cartridges. The rest of us will only have to wait until the laws change until then we can only wait and hope they do.

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