Brief Overview of the PAX 3

The PAX 3 is one of the most well-known portable vaporizers on the market. Every review of it is a positive one. This vaporizer is definitely for serious vapers who are willing to pay more for the best vaping experience. The PAX is protected by an incredibly long 10-year warranty period, proving that it is worth every penny.

PAX 3 black

Furnished with advanced Bluetooth connection technology and a variety of customizations, it is hard not to fall in love with the PAX 3.

What’s in the box of the PAX 3?

With a purchase of the PAX 3, users have the option to only buy the vaporizer itself. However, for just a slightly higher price, customers can get lots of other bonus products. A purchase of the complete PAX kit comes with:

Pax 3 starter kit image
PAX 3 Complete Kit

  • PAX 3 Vaporizer
  • PAX 3 Charger
  • Flat and Raised Mouthpieces
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Standard Oven Lid
  • Half-pack Oven Lid
  • Concentrate Insert
  • 3 Extra Screens
  • Multi-tool cleaning kit (a wire brush at 10 pipe cleaners)
  • Tweed Carrying Case

Main Features of This PAX

There are so many features that make the PAX amazing. For starters, it is versatile when it comes to the preferred medium. Another one of the most important features, of this and all vaporizers, is its battery life. This new and improved PAX comes with a 3500 mAh battery. Reviews say the PAX battery is one of the best batteries in the industry. The PAX vaporizer also has a wide temperature breadth ranging from 360F to 420F.

Furthermore, it can turn medium into vapor in 20 seconds flat. This is less than half its original vaporizing time! Another important feature of the PAX 3 vaporizer that cannot be overlooked is the Bluetooth capabilities. Its Bluetooth range reached up to 10 feet, and they connect to an amazing app.

Small Size and On-the-Go Usage

The PAX 3 is very small and portable despite its mighty characteristics. This is another great appeal to use it, and vaporizers like it. The actual vape size is 4”h x 1”w x 1”d. That is only a little bit longer than a credit card. In addition to its small size, the PAX is also very lightweight. This means that it will not be a hassle to carry around all day. It also has protection against leaking in place to keep the PAX clean. Plus, it makes the PAX a great unit for inconspicuous vaping on-the-go.

Structure and Quality

The oven and vapor path in the PAX 3 are strategically sealed with surgical-grade stainless steel. This protects the rest of the vaporizer from getting damaged by the heat. The outside of the PAX vape is made of heat-resistant food-grade materials. This plastic helps keep the vape lightweight and easy to carry around.

Pax 3 silver image

The oven in the PAX is not composed of common ceramics like with other vaporizers. It too is made from stainless steel welded to create the perfect vaporizing chamber. The oven for concentrate is composed of CNC machined aluminum. The excellent quality structure of this portable vaporizer always ensures for a smooth and pleasurable vaping experience, as any review of the device will reveal.

A More In-Depth Look at the PAX 3

There is a lot more to the PAX 3 than meets the eye. It has a lot of different settings and features that make the vaping experience unique for everyone. Users can choose to set their own temperatures and use their preferred medium. They can even change out the mouthpieces to whichever one they find more comfortable like the half-pack lid! Here is a closer look at all of the intricacies of this easy to use, high-caliber PAX vape.

Accessories, Half-Pack Lid, and Concentrates Insert

The PAX vape comes in fun colors like glossy gold, black matte, and bright fuschia. It has a hue for every style and personality! As previously mentioned, it is originally designed to vaporize flower but works great with concentrate too. In order to use the PAX with concentrate, vapers have to use the special concentrate insert.

Pax 3 Concentrates Insert image

This CNC aluminum concentrate insert employs the power of conduction heating to make smooth, tasty vapor. This vapor is said to taste a bit richer than vapor from the loose leaf. The insert is also tightly sealed to prevent leaking concentrate and resulting sticky messes. Just make sure it gets cleaned after every use for the best results!

Vapor quality and available temp options

The vapor created by the PAX 3, according to this review, is always cool and smooth. Vapers get to ensure that it is exactly how they like it by playing with the settings on the unit. The PAX vape comes with four different temperature options. They can be navigated using the On/Off button on the PAX. Holding it for two seconds takes the user to a setup mode where they can click through the options. 360F is the lowest, then medium-low at 380F, medium-high at 400F, and the highest at 420F. However, when connected to the app, users can choose the exact temperature they want to use in 1-5 degree increments.

A Review of the PAX Connectable App

The app is arguably the best part of the PAX 3. The PAX vaporizer can be connected to the app for the first time by putting the device into pairing mode by shaking it. (Make sure your device with the app has its Bluetooth turned on.) The app has some fun features like its fun games. The vaporizer also allows for some more customizations. Along with the temperature features, the app offers five different Dynamic Modes.

Pax app screen img

The first is called Standard. It consists of all of the default lip presence-based boosting, motion-based standby, and auto-cooling settings. This mode is designed to create even production of vapor while preserving flavor. The next mode is Boosting.

Boosting slows auto-cooling and raises standby temperature to optimize the production of vapor. There is an Efficiency mode that ensures consistent vaporization during sessions. The Stealth mode cools down the unit fast and preserves its battery life. Lastly, the Flavor mode makes for the yummiest hits of the vaper’s medium of choice.

Chamber Info and Bowl Size

The half pack oven lid that the PAX unit comes with holds about .17 grams of medium. The original oven is larger, holding .35 grams of ground up medium.

Pax 3 chamber image
PAX 3 Chamber Close-Up

Despite this seemingly average oven size though, sessions can last a while. They also always taste great.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping the PAX vaporizer as clean as possible will preserve its life and quality for a long time. Ideally, the PAX 3 should be cleaned after every session. When vapers begin to get lazy, the build-up of medium can clog the PAX. Additionally, having old or burnt medium in the PAX will make the new medium taste old and gross. Luckily, this product comes with a cleaning kit to keep the unit running smoothly and the vaper tasting delicious.

Battery Specs, Battery Life and Charging Options

Reviews say the PAX 3 takes roughly 2.5 hours to charge this vape with a USB charging cable. It only takes 90 minutes with the PAX AC adapter. Once the vaporizer is fully charged, four white petals will appear on the unit’s surface. Once the PAX unit runs out of battery, the top left petal will blink red three times. Fully charged, the awesome 3500 mAh lithium-ion battery in the PAX will last for as long as 8-10 sessions. This makes the PAX the perfect portable vape to take to a party and pass around without having to worry about it dying. Just be careful to only charge the PAX 3 within a temperature range of 41F and 113F. Otherwise, it can pose safety risks to both you and your PAX!

PAX 3 vs. PAX 2

While there are some things the PAX 2 and 3 have in common, there are a few important differences between these two vaporizers. Both work with loose leaf, but the PAX 2 does not work with concentrate.

Pax 2 image

The PAX 2 also comes with fewer accessories, and sometimes only has a 2-year limited warranty. It does not have customizable temperature settings or dynamic heat modes. The PAX 2 cannot be connected to an app, and it does not have vibration notifications. Its battery is also only 2600 mAh and lasts for just 6-8 sessions even though it takes longer to charge. An upgrade to the PAX 3 definitely seems worth the slight increase in price.

We Like:

  • Fantastic battery life and fast charging time
  • Multi-medium capabilities
  • Takes just 15 seconds to heat
  • Bluetooth capabilities and app connection
  • 10-year product warranty
  • Customizable modes and temperature settings

We Don’t Like:

  • Like all vapes, needs to be cleaned after every use
  • Cannot charge outside 41F to 113F range
  • Need to purchase the package to get additional accessories

PAX 3 Vaporizer Review: Summary and Final Thoughts

Considering all of the features of the PAX 3, as this review did, it is definitely worth the investment for vapers looking for a high-quality vape. After a careful review though there are a few cons to the PAX vaporizer, there are way more important pros. The PAX 3 works with both concentrate and loose leaf and performs well on the go. Many reviews say it will be the only vape you will ever need. Though its warranty lasts a whopping ten years, you will be using it for much longer and will love every moment of it.

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