In this article, we will examine why the Mig Vapor DRAY vaporizer has people so excited.

First, here are some of the features of the DRAY vaporizer.

What makes the DRAY Vaporizer special?

Mig Vapor DRAY image
Mig Vapor DRAY

Looking like a tire tread, the aesthetic of the vaporizer stands out immediately. It becomes clear that the vaper should expect something different.
How does DRAY achieve this?


Powered by a 1800mAh battery, it is much more powerful than its size would suggest. The high efficiency of using a supercell battery gets the quartz heating chamber up to temperature quickly which preserves the flavors of the weed without roasting it.
In addition, the battery can last all day with casual vaping sessions.


Without a lot of bells and whistles, the Dray vaporizer just gets the job done.
Once the fire button is pressed for 5 seconds, it is on and getting ready to vape. A vibration will alert the user that it is up to temperature and ready to vape.
Simple does not mean that is is not customizable, however. The temperature can be set by scrolling through the LED screen and can be scaled by 1°F increments between 385° and 430°.
Without much fussing about, the Dray will extract the pure flavors of the herb.

Battery life

Depending on the temperature, the battery should last around 10 vape sessions or so. Using a USB cable plugged into the side of the vaporizer, it can be charged in about three hours.
To keep the battery from running out of juice too quickly, there is an automatic shut off after three minutes.
The OLED screen will show battery life so there are no surprises.

How does the DRAY Vaporizer work?

Mig Vapor DRAY img-1
DRAY Dry Herb Vape

The DRAY vaporizer is incredibly easy to use.
Start by grinding up to 0.5 ounces of preferred weed very finely. The finer the better since it will vape faster.
Remove the mouthpiece and add the weed to the chamber. A screen will keep the weed in place while it vapes.
Next, after turning the unit on, simply set the temperature by pressing the button to scroll through the temperature on the OLED screen.
Once it vibrates it is up to temperature and ready to vape.
Preferred temperature can be saved so it does not have to be set every time.
To keep the weed tasting the way it should, it is recommended to wipe out the chamber after every two or three vaping sessions.

Unboxing the DRAY

Mig Vapor DRAY kit img-1
Mig Vapor DRAY Kit

The packaging for the Mig Vapor Dray vaporizer is a very basic but still very stylish box.
Inside are the battery, a dabbing tool to place the pot in the chamber, tweezers to position the weed evenly, a USB cable, a cleaning kit that contains cotton swabs and a brush and a warranty card.

Plus, the box doubles as a carrying case for all the gear.
Every item in the kit is made of the highest quality. They certainly do not get cheap with anything they supply to use the Dray dry herb vaporizer.

Alternatives Competitors Can Offer

To really get a sense of if the Mig Vapor Dray is well suited to each vaper’s needs, it pays to compare it to its peers and see how it stacks up.
Some other dry herb vaporizers in the same class are the DaVinci IQ and the Pax 3. Here is some information on those competitors.

DaVinci IQ

DaVinci MIQRO brown mouthpeace
DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Considered to be best in class, the DaVinci IQ is impressive, but is it better than the Dray?
It features a very elegant and modernist design that is also practical. 360 conduction heating vaporizes the herb quickly and evenly. The battery is removable so it is very good at traveling. And the boost feature will bring the ceramic heating chamber up to temperature quickly.
In those ways, the DaVinci IQ beats the Dray. At the end of the day, however, it is the performance that matters. Both produce excellent and accurate flavors. Both are easy to use. And, both produce good vapor.
The price of the DaVinci is so high that it begs the question of whether it is worth the price in the face of such a high-quality budget dry herb vaporizer that is the Dray.
It does have some negatives, as well. The construction does not feel nearly as sturdy as the Dray. And it is not easy to clean.

PAX 3 Basic Kit

Pax 3 image

The Pax 3 is more in line what the DRAY offers.
Performance-wise, it produces some decent flavors and vapors, but not quite to the level of the DRAY.
One of the reasons is that there are five temperature settings rather than the accurate temperature of the DRAY which allows 1°F increments. A feature that makes it interesting however is the different modes that allow for intuitive customization.
Where it also comes up short against the DRAY is the design. It is shiny and black which ends up displaying fingerprints all over it.
In a head to head comparison, the DRAY easily comes out the victor.

What We Like and What We Don't

Starting with the budget-friendly price, there is a lot to like about the Mig Vapor Dray.
The design is very appealing and it even offers a non-slip grip.
It is the performance that really makes it shine. Precise temperature control makes it easy to customize according to the herb being vaped. This produces excellent flavors and vapor.

A magnetic mouthpiece is easy to open to access chamber, which is a good size.
There is very little to dislike but nothing really special.

If we have to pick something it would be the fact that it only vapes dry herb and does not have an option for concentrates.

Dray Dry Herb Vaporizer: Summary

Mig Vapor makes it very clear that quality does not depend on price.

It is possible to get a very well made and high performing dry herb vaporizer for a good price. The DRAY puts a very good product within reach of just about everybody. It is so easy to use that it is ideal for the beginner. It also vapes so well, that even an expert will enjoy using it.

I can surely recommend this device as an ideal companion for vaping on-the-go.

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