Thanks to the portability of the Mig Cig Standard kit, freedom of vaping become even more comprehensive. Having 2 batteries, the device pretends to be a decent full-day vape. With a sleek design and portability, the Mig Cig grants stealth use when it comes to this need. Due to 4.2 voltage output, we can’t expect huge clouds but mediate — not to say middle-low vapor production does not decrease the taste quality.

What I love the most about the Mig Cig standard is customizing option. One can choose not only the flavors to add but also the type of battery activation, and the design. Mig Vapor set the ability to pick up 2 different nicotine strength in one kit (5-pack per 1 one strength). It seems like the standard kit is a good decision for two. Or for those who’d like to switch from one strength to another during the day.

What’s in the Box?

Mig Cig Standard eCig Starter Kit image

  • 2 Mig Cig 280mAh Batteries
  • 2 Packs of Cartridges (5 carts per pack)
  • A USB Charging Cable
  • A USB Wall Adapter
  • A User Manual
  • Warranty Info

The Mig Cig Design

The Mig E-cig was made with the intent of making a vaporizer that looks and feels closer to a traditional cigarette than other vapes on the market. They pretty much nailed it, because Mig Cigs really do feel more like a cigarette than most vapes.

They don’t taste like cigarettes, but unlike most vapes, Mig Cigs can be held leisurely between two fingers just like a regular cigarette. Mig Cigs are a little heavier than a traditional cigarette, but Mig Vapor managed to make these e-cigs pretty lightweight.

Mig Cig Standard E-cig colors image

Obviously, a regular cigarette doesn’t need a battery. For that reason, the e-cig that truly emulates the look and feel of a cigarette is likely years to come.

The developer of such an e-cig would need an extremely lightweight battery, and the science that would need to go behind such an idea just isn’t here yet. Still, the Mig e cig comes about as close to the look and feel of a cigarette as any modern e-cig can.

Features and Performance

Vapor Quality

Mig Cigs have a wide variety of flavors and nicotine strengths to choose from, but the vapor quality is pretty consistent. Mig Cigs provide flavorful vapor with a nice throat hit that’s meant to closely emulate the throat hit one would get from a cigarette.

Of course, cartridges with higher nicotine strengths are going to be a little harsher than those with lower nicotine strengths. All of their flavors are pretty accurate and quite tasty, but everyone is bound to have their personal favorite.

Manufacturing Quality

Migcig batteries are made to last, but not at the expense of the overall experience. The batteries’ exterior is made from a plastic material, but this isn’t for the sake of cost-saving. Premium materials like metal would simply make migcig batteries too heavy.

Again, Mig Cigs were designed to emulate the look and feel of a cigarette. Were they too heavy to comfortably hold between two fingers, they would have failed in that regard. The plastic battery is already heavier than a cigarette, so using something like metal is out of the question.

Mig Sig E-Cigarette Kit image

The Mig Cig isn’t the best e-cig on the market in terms of manufacturing quality, but due to the nature of its design, it gets a pass.

Mig Vapor made a good decision when they decided to use a plastic shell. Plus, the Mig Cig is quite durable and long-lasting despite the materials used in its construction.

Battery Life

The Mig e-cig uses a 280mAh 4.2V battery. That certainly isn’t the largest battery capacity when it comes to e-cigs, but it’s pretty decent considering how tiny these e-cigs are. It’ll last most vapers a full day of use, if not several.

Mig Cig Standard E-cig battery image

Of course, the actual number of puffs that a vaper gets from a full charge will depend on the average duration of that vaper’s puffs. With that in mind, most will understand that it would be impractical to try to quantify the number of puffs that a vaper can expect per charge.

Still, those considering a Mig e-cig can rest assured that a migcig battery will last most vapers a full day of use. Plus, thanks to its implementation of USB charging, a dead migcig battery doesn’t stay dead long. They’re easy to recharge almost anywhere.

Extra Portable

The migcig battery is 110mm (4.3Inches) in length, so despite coming pretty close to the size and shape of a cigarette, it is a little longer than a traditional cigarette. Again, the science needed to make an e-cig that’s the actual size and weight of a cigarette just isn’t quite here yet.

Mig Cig Standard E-cig image

That being said, the Mig Cig is among the most portable e-cigs on the market, and it manages to emulate the look and feel of a cigarette pretty closely.

Ease of Use

The Mig Cig has a single-button interface, and using a Mic e-cig is as simple as pressing that button and taking a draw.

It automatically goes into a low power mode when it isn’t being used in order to preserve battery life. Whenever the user is ready to vape, it boots back into full power mode and begins to produce vapor with the press of a button.

Mig Vapor offers a draw-activated battery that’s purchased separately. This battery offers the same power-saving features as the migcig battery that’s included in the Standard Kit, but instead of using a button, the user only has to take a draw to activate it.

Mig Cig Competitors: Is There a Superior Cigalike Vape?

Vaporfi Express E-Cigarette Kit

The Vaporfi Express E-cig is an entirely different beast compared to the Mig Cig. Like the Mig Cig, this is an ultra-portable e-cig, but it improves upon the Mig Cig design in a couple of ways. Before getting into exactly how Vaporfi does this, let’s talk about what comes in the kit.

The Vaporfi Express E-Cigarette Kit includes a Standard Express Battery, a High-Capacity Express Battery, a wall charging adapter, a USB cable, 3 Mini-Clear Clearomizer Tanks, 30ml bottle of custom-blend vape juice, a Vaporfi membership card, and a user manual.

Vaporfi Express E-Cigarette Kit image

So how exactly does Vaporfi improve upon the Mig Cig formula? Well, first of all, the VaporFi Express E-cigarette Starter Kit is only 2.5 inches long, making it a couple of inches shorter than the migcig battery.

Additionally, Vaporfi actually managed to squeeze even more power into their Standard Express Battery, providing the user with a whopping 4.5 Volts.

However, its battery life is significantly shorter than that of the Mig Cig, which isn’t very surprising considering it only offers a 180mAh battery.

The High-Capacity Express Battery, on the other hand, matches the Mig Cig’s battery with a 280mAh battery. It’s only 3.25 inches long, so even the High-Capacity Vaporfi Express Battery manages to be more portable than the Mig Cig Standard E-cig.

Plus, it provides the same 4.5 Volts of power provided by the Standard Express Battery. To quickly recap, both the standard and high-capacity versions of the Vaporfi Express e-cig manage to be both more powerful and more portable than Mig Cigs.

So far, the Vaporfi Express E-cig is both smaller and more powerful than Mig Cigs, so it’s effectively outperformed the Mig Cig. Its primary drawback lies within its design. Unlike Mig Cigs, the Vaporfi Express E-cig doesn’t really look or feel like a cigarette.

Its included clearomizer cartridges make the Express E-cig unmistakeable. It’s quite obviously a vaporizer. Still, the Vaporfi Express is refillable, which is a big plus. Mig Cigs have refillable blank cartridges, but they need to be purchased separately.

Blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit

Blu was one of the first vape companies to adopt the cigalike form factor. In fact, for many, the release of the Blu e-cig was the first time they’d ever even heard of an e-cig or vaping at all for that matter.

Blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit image

Their latest e-cig is the Blu PLUS+, a cigalike vaporizer that truly emulates the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. It’s less than 4 inches in length, so it’s about the size of a traditional cigarette.

The Blu Plus+ uses a 3.7 Volt 140mAh battery, which explains how they managed to make it so small. It’s less powerful than the two previous Mig Cigs alternatives, and it’s less powerful than the Mig Cig itself. However, it sacrifices that extra power for an authentic “cigalike” experience.

Although it’s less powerful, the Blu PLUS+ is a better cigalike design. Cigalike vapes are all about emulating the look and feel of a traditional cigarette, and the Blu PLUS+ does so better than most of the cigalike vapes out there.

Of course, the Blu PLUS+’s size is a trade-off that comes with shorter battery life and weaker vapor production. Whether or not the authentic size is worth it can only be determined by the user.

We Like:

  • Good vapor quality
  • Wide selection of flavors
  • Wide selection of nicotine options
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting battery

We Don’t Like:

  • Bigger than some cigalike vapes
  • Doesn’t come with refillable cartridges

The Mig Cig Standard E-cig Kit: Final Thoughts

The Mig Cig Standard E-cig Kit offers an impressive value for the price. Additionally, Mig Cigs are compelling devices that will hit all of the right points for some. That being said, for others, it might leave a little to be desired.

Those that want a high-powered e-cig probably won’t be happy with Mig Cigs, because that isn’t what Mig Cigs were made to be. But it’s a great choice for the starters or lovers of light vapor. Vapers that want an ultra-portable e-cig with a lot of power will probably be happier with something like the Vaporfi Express E-cig.

On the other hand, those that want a cigalike vape that very closely emulates the look and feel of a cigarette might find that Mig Cigs fall short as well. While they emulate a cigarette more closely than a lot of cigalike vapes, e-cigs like the Blu PLUS+ do so more accurately.

Mig Cigs falls in the middle. It isn’t the smallest, least powerful cigalike on the market, but it isn’t the most powerful either. It’s for those that want to find a balance between the two extremes.

In conclusion, Mig Cigs aren’t the perfect cigalike e-cig, but they definitely have a demographic that’s interested in what they have to offer.

They look enough like a cigarette to satisfy cigalike vapers, and they offer better performance and battery life than a lot of the other cigalike e-cigs out there.

Mig Cig users should most definitely comment below to let us know about their Mig Cig experience. Love it? Let us know why. Having issues with Mig Cigs? Express your grievances.

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