Kit Content

  • 2 Super Batteries
  • 3 Clear Fusion tanks
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 USB Charger w/cable
  • 1 Black or Cherry color carrying case
  • 1 30 ML Bottle of e-liquid if ordered
  • User manual and instructions

Mig 21 Clear Fusion Vape Pen Starter Kit image

Clear Fusion Product Features

  • Slim, portable design
  • Refillable device
  • Mouth-to-lung coils for better flavor and throat hit
  • Batteries are USB rechargeable
  • Two batteries and three tanks included in the kit


The entire Mig 21 kit is very easy-to-use. The batteries are sleek and glossy, but they are lightweight, even with the tank attached. The tank and batteries both have 808-threading, which is unique. They will not work with 510-threaded batteries. They will work with other similarly-threaded Mig Vapor batteries.

Together, the entire e-cig is quite long. It is larger than a cig-a-like. The battery has an LED tip that lights up whenever the device is in use. Vapers need only to remove the tank to charge a depleted battery. Mig Vapor includes both a USB charger and cable and a wall adapter.

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The battery section consists of the cell itself, and the internal chip. The chip regulates the power output. Every time someone takes a vape, the circuit sends a consistent wave of 4.2V. The chip handles the unit’s reliable performance.

With that said, there are no adjustable features for this e-cig. Mig Vapor designed it to be a straightforward device, which is one of the advantages of the Mig 21. Vapers can make the device even easier to use by ordering the draw-activated version.

Vapor Quality

The Mig 21 has all the capabilities of a starter kit. It has no screens or adjustable features, so it is straightforward to use. But it also does not perform as well as those high-performing box mods.

The above-ohm coils inside the Clear Fusion tanks ensure a mouth-to-lung vaping experience. There are no airflow adjustments on the tank either.

With that said, the Mig 21 does an excellent job for a starter kit, better than “fine,” actually. The vapor is silky smooth, and the draw resistance is minimal. Using a standard 50/50 VG/PG e-juice is an excellent choice since this is an MTL device.

The vapor production is mediocre, but the flavor of any e-juice stands out. The tanks themselves can last for 20-30 refills. There is a 2.5ohm tank also available for even more of a throat hit.

Overall Performance

The fact that vapers can choose from between manual and automatic batteries helps. It is a versatile option for vapers who prefer either an easy draw or using a button. For the small capacity of the tank, a full one lasts a good while.

The Mig 21 is an all-day vaping device. The cloud production is low, so it is more discreet than other e-cigs. Filling the tank is comfortable with the wide open fill slots. Since it is a starter device, the lack of airflow may bother some.

It would be nice if the tank gave vapers that option, but it is not a real deficit. Charging the device did not take long. The fastest way would be with the wall adapter, but the USB cable is convenient.

How to Use The Clear Fusion Refillable Tanks

The tanks are top-fill in design. Users need to unscrew the top cap from the glass section and pour their e-liquid along the sides. The glass comes stamped with millimeter marks to help vapers find their marks. After filling the tank and screwing back the top cap, let the silica wicks soak for about five minutes.

Clear Fusion Refillable Tanks image

Soaking the wicks, or letting the e-juice seep, lessens the chance of a dry, burnt hit. It also improves the flavor quality for a juice to seep. After five or ten minutes, the wicks should be fully saturated, and the device is ready to use.

The Mig 21 vs the EPuffer Magnum vs the KandyPens Slim

EPuffer Magnum Snaps

The Magnum Snaps e-cig kit also contains two batteries and five flavor cartridges. Vapers also have the option of getting empty cartomizers. The cells are draw-activated, so they have no buttons.

EPuffer Magnum Snaps image

A Magnum pre-fill tank can last for 300 puffs. The Mig 21 has a larger battery and tank capacity. Its battery can also last much longer.

KandyPens Slim

The KandyPens Slim can vape both oils and e-liquids. The device uses a 0.5ml cartomizer and also features a no-button design. The battery uses USB charging, and the tip works as a stylus for touchscreen devices.

kandypens slim image

The Slim costs much less than the Mig 21, but its tank has leaking problems. The Slim only comes with one tank, one battery and no accessories other than a charger.

We Like:

  • Fully loaded kit (two batteries, three tanks, carrying case)
  • Very easy, and simple to use
  • Decent vapor production
  • Two tanks options available (1.8ohm and a 2.5ohm)
  • Manual or automatic battery option

We Don’t Like:

  • No adjustable features
  • 808-threading incompatible with other tanks

Last Thoughts on the Mig 21 Clear Fusion

The Mig 21 Clear Fusion is a popular starter kit for a reason, for many reasons. First, Mig Vapor provides everything a person would need to handle vaping for the first time. They include two batteries, three tanks, USB charging cable, wall adapter, and a carrying case.

Second, the unit is straightforward to use. Charging the batteries takes very little time, and filling the tanks is a breeze. On top of everything else, the vapor quality is superb. The low resistance tank puts out more clouds. The high-resistance tank is more for flavor people.

The Mig 21 is not the most portable e-cig. There are also no adjustable features, but that should not matter to beginners. Its performance is outstanding though for its price.

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