Features of the Matrix

  • Large, deep ceramic chamber can fit almost 0.8 grams of material
  • Exterior has a soft, but durable rubberized texture
  • Four silicone mouthpieces included in the kit
  • Onboard smart technology remembers last temperature setting
  • Forty-second heat-up time

Mig Vapor Matrix Review: Vapor Quality

The user interface takes up the front section of the device. A thin, OLED digital display runs down the front of the device. Users have full temperature control over the mod’s heating chamber with over 135 possible settings. The power button sits above the up/down buttons and right below the LCD.

Matrix by Mig Vapor Review

The highest temperature on the device is 435F. The lowest possible temperature is 300F. Combined with a large chamber, the vapor production is sure to be intense.

Starting at a mid-range setting, like 400F, the vapor came out smooth, and warm. Raising the temperature to the max 435F limit created a lot of clouds, which may be too much for some. Despite the high heat, no material combusted. Filling the chamber halfway still produced a good amount of vapor. The airflow was superb, and taking a draw was effortless. The device did warm up at high temperatures, but nothing too bad.

The vapor itself was also excellent. The low to mid-range temperature settings gave off soft, tasty clouds. The throat hit was also minimal. The vapor quality did change going to the higher settings. It did not get super-heated, but the clouds were bigger, and the throat hit harder at higher settings.

All the flavor notes were still there though. The flavor neither worsened or lessened with raising the temperature. The flavor production was consistent.

As for the wax insert to vape, it also functions well. Vapers only need to clean out the chamber if they used dry herbs to install the cup. The cup is all-ceramic, and it fits snug in the chamber. After dropping the concentrates insert into the chamber, load it with the dab tool provided. Users can also pre-load the chamber and then install it. The best temperature to vape wax is at the highest, which is 435F.

Matrix mig sig chamber review

The quality of the wax vapor also impressed. The highest temperature setting did not produce a massive amount of vapor. It was thin, but the flavor was fulfilling, like with the herbs. The heat of vapor was not so high as with the herbs, which is common with concentrates vaping.

The device works with a simple five-clicks-on/five-clicks-off. The heat-up time is lengthy, especially if the device is set at high levels. The LCD displays the temperature as it starts to rise to the preset setting.

Build Quality of the Matrix

The Matrix is a handheld vaporizer with a soft, rubberized exterior. The top, plastic mouthpiece covers the all-ceramic heating chamber underneath. Users need to remove the mouthpiece to access the chamber.

Mig Vapor also includes a four-set of silicone mouthpieces. They fit over the plastic mouthpiece to protect vapers from any heat transfer.

Matrix mig sig colors review

At the highest temperatures, the plastic mouthpiece can get warm. It is nothing too harsh, but for long sessions, at high temperatures, the protectors are worth it. The device itself does not overheat to the point where users cannot even hold it. The rubbery exterior keeps vapers safe from any heat transfer.

The loading chamber is deep. Vapers can fit close to 0.8g of material in the chamber. There are three airflow strips on either side of the chamber for increased airflow.

Overall Convenience

Vaping herbs or concentrates is not difficult with this unit. The large chamber allows for easy filling. There are some clean-up and maintenance problems.

Changing between the two materials can be tricky. Vapers need to clean out the chamber, insert the wax cup and then load their concentrates. Switching back to dry herbs is a hassle. Users need to remove the wax cup and clean the chamber to start vaping herbs again.

Mig Vapor includes a lot of tools and accessories in the kit, and they are very helpful. Users have tweezers (to remove that hot wax cup), cleaning tools, and even an extra set of wire meshes.

Matrix mig sig starter kit review

The Matrix’s internal chip features a smart memory function. The device has an auto shut-off, which turns the device off after about five minutes. If the device turns off, users can turn it back on, and it will still be at the previous temperature.

Of course, vapers can also set a different setting. The heat-up time for the unit is quite long. Users turn the device on and then use the buttons to set their ideal temperature. When they get to that temperature, the device will start to heat. The user buttons will begin to blink, and the temperature starts to rise.

Once the lights stop blinking, the device is ready to vape.

The Matrix vs. the G-Pen Slim vs. the Pro 50 Combustor

The G-Pen Slim

The G-Pen Slim has much slimmer, compact build. Since it is smaller than the Matrix, it cannot take as much herb as the Mig Vapor device. The Slim has three sections (battery, atomizer, and mouthpiece), USB charging, but no adjustable features. The Matrix costs more, but it can also do more, like the device remembering the previous session’s temperature.

g-pen slim image

The Pro 50 Combustor

The Pro 50 Combustor is a combination of a vape mod and a dry herb tank. Users can pump the power with the device’s unique bottom LED display to change the wattage. The Pro 50 has a smaller capacity battery and costs less, but the Matrix can vape both herbs and waxes.

Pro 50 Combustor image

We Like:

  • The huge loading chamber
  • Very easy-to-use, straightforward device
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Soft, rubbery exterior
  • Smart memory technology
  • Vapes herbs and waxes

We Don’t Like:

  • No pass-through charging
  • A lot of clean-up and maintenance

Matrix Vaporizer Review: The Final Word

Do you think 2-in-1 device perform as well as a dedicated device? Does the Matrix vape wax as well as it vapes herbs? Tell us what you think about 2-in-1 devices in the comments section below.

The Mig Vapor Matrix is a powerful, durable and versatile device. It vapes two materials, has a long-lasting battery, and has a solid build. The unit also features adjustable temperature settings for maximum customization. It also remembers a user’s last temperature and applies it to the new session. It has a long warm-up time, but the vapor production is superb.

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