Kangertech always tries to surprise on the market with some of the best mods. At the same time, they constantly add features and improve their devices.

Kangertech Dripbox 160W that we are going to review today includes some nice features to consider when buying a new mod.

There are three nice color options you can have when it comes about the Dripbox mod. But whether you are going to choose the silver one, the black or the white one, the Kangertech promise to provide you the best vaping experience ever.

If you’re wondering what you will get in the box, then, you will find an impressive number of items: one Dripbox 160 W TC kit, one Velocity Style RBA Prebuilt Kanthal Coil, one Velocity style RBA prebuilt Stainless Steel coil, one drip box coil, one spare 7 ml Squonk bottle, one USB charging cable and some spare parts such as extra coils, Allen key, cotton and RBA filter.

Kangertech Dripbox 160 Kit Review


Easy DIY RBA base

Easy to rebuild RBA base. But in case you do not want to do that, Kangertech still provides you pre-built coil that you can easily replace.

MTL and DL drip tip

There are two options when it comes about the drip tip. Therefore you can choose the mouth to lung drip tip or you can also consider the direct lung one.

7.0 ml juice capacity

The 7.0 ml juice bottle is enough for you to vape for a good amount of hours. On the same time, the Kangertech also provided a spare liquid reservoir that is secured by a stopper.

Replaceable dual 18650

The two cells are able to provide up to 160 Watts power. However, the Kangertech recommends you to use batteries that include a minimum of 30 A. In this way, the mod will work properly.

Easy e-liquid filling

Being a squonk mod you can squeeze the e-liquid bottle to easily fill up the atomizer.

160 W output with temperature control

The Kangertech Dripbox has a maximum power of 160W. At the same time, you will benefit from the temperature control that will change the vaping experience.

Diving In

Kangertech Dripbox 160 Kit Unboxing

Kangertech Dripbox 160

There is no discussion left that the Kangertech Dripbox mod looks robust. The design is a good looking one. The materials used are based on Zinc Alloy. On the other hand, the mod feels a little bit heavy even without the batteries inside. The mod is definitely not pocket-friendly. Still, it feels comfortable in hand.

On one side of the mod, you will see the fire button that has a round shape. The fire button is pretty clicky and it responds very well to the commands.

Right below the fire button, you will see the rectangular LED screen and below the screen, you have the plus and minus buttons. Right at the bottom, you will find the battery door that houses the two required 18650 cells. Remember that the kit does not come with the batteries included, so you may have to purchase them. Also, unfortunately, the screen has a small minus consisting in the fact that the screen stays on for a few seconds. This is how you have to constantly press the fire button in order for the screen to stay on to read the information needed.

The mod can be easily charged by using the USB cable. The micro USB port is located right on the front side of the mod.

At the top of the device, you will see the Subdrip and two airflow ports. The mod also features MTL (mouth to the lung) vaping and an airflow option on the RDA. There is a Velocity style Subdrip on the deck. On the same time, you can have the freedom to replace the deck with a new prebuilt one. This is how the Subdrip easily connects with the mod by the help of a 510 connection. However, the pin on the mod cannot be adjusted, therefore if you want to swap the RDA make sure you will find one that fits.

You just have to press the same as always five times on the fire button in order to start the mod. The screen will show you the battery level, the resistance, the selected wattage and the voltage. After that, you can press three times on the fire button in order to change the modes when in TC. You can choose between the Nickel, the Titanium, the Nichrome and the Stainless Steel.

If you continue pressing the fire button for three times, you will be able to arrive at the wattage that you can adjust with the help of the plus and minus buttons available. There is also the possibility to switch between the Fahrenheit and the Celsius degrees by scrolling with the minus button to the lowest temperature of Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa.

In order to flip the screen you can press the plus and minus buttons at the same time and if you want to lock the screen you can press the three buttons available at the same time. You have to remember to always lock the buttons when you will not want to adjust any settings. That is because it is very easy for the settings to change when accidentally pressing the plus or the minus button.

If you want to attach a new coil, the mod will be so smart that will realize that and will tell you to set the base resistance of the coil.

The tank can be easily filled with the wanted juice. On the same time, the mod comes with a cool feature as the juice reservoir can be squeezed to use all the juice. Remember to fill the reservoir properly as if you overfill it there might be an occasional spritzing of liquid. Also, remember to not squeeze the reservoir too hard because of the same spritzing reason.

Of course, you can adjust temperature increments of one degree at a time. Also wattage increments with 0.1 at one time. These pluses are pretty impressive as not that many mods provide the possibility to customize the settings that much.

We Like:

  • Great, clean design
  • Drip or squonk feed

We Don’t Like:

  • The screen stays on for a few seconds
  • Faded plus and minus symbols on the battery door that are hard to read
  • Easy to accidentally change power settings


Overall there were no problems when testing the Kangertech Dripbox 160 W. This is what makes this mod a recommendable one. It is easy to make any setup and scroll through the menu. On top of that, the price is affordable for this kit that includes so many additions inside. Therefore you can purchase yourself one and tell us about your experience with it!

Kangertech Dripbox 160 Kit Hands On
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