It seems like Joyetech tries to create a wide range of mods while focusing on the main aspects often commented by vapers, such as design, power and size. They introduced the CuBox box that has a small size, a nice design and a proper power.

The CuBox mod is available in six different colors: silver, black, white, yellow, red and blue. The mod comes with auto-regulated settings that cannot be changed.

According to the standard configuration, in the box there is one CuBox battery, one QC USB cable, one user manual and one Warranty Card. But let`s find out more about these mods and all the different features included!

Joyetech CuBox Review


Joyetech CuBox Review 1

Compact yet powerful

The CuBox has a tiny shape but despite this fact, the Joyetech promises to receive a powerful mod that has an integrated battery of 3000 mAh. This is enough for a vaper to have a nice MTL vaping experience all day from such a tiny device.

Attractive and clear indicator lights

The mod comes with a display that has a fan shape. The display shines when the fire button is pressed. The fan shape can help in checking the battery level as well. For example if there are 5 rectangular shapes that the display shows, it means that the battery is almost full. If the display shows only one rectangular shape it means that the capacity of the battery is of only 1% to 9%.

2A quick charge

2.0A is the maximum charge of current that the CuBox can get. The mod can get fully charged in a faster way than other mods that don’t support 2A. Joyetech promises this performance only if the mod is charged with the Avatar quick charger that is sold separately.

Dual circuit protection

Joyetech provides two sets of circuits protection. The mod is safe from over-charging, over current or over – discharging for a reliable vaping process. The mod also includes venting holes that will help in dissipating the heat from the batteries.

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Diving In

Joyetech CuBox Review 3

Joyetech CuBox Mod

It is clear that the CuBox is pocket friendly as it is 22.5mm wide and 44.33mm deep. The mod also feels light and it weighs only 100g. The material used is aluminum and the shape is pretty oval. The mod comes in a color with a shiny finish. Despite the black mod, all the other mods come with a dominant color in combination with some black touches.

Opposite to the 510 pin there is the fire button that is quite large and tactile. The fire button has a matte finish and it`s quite clicky. Despite the fire button, there are no other buttons on this mod. The 510 pin is spring mounted and it is placed a little bit high.

Therefore there will be a small gap between the tank and the mod. The gap between the tank and the mod can be a problem sometimes, in the case of all mods around, as it may lead to a short durability of the 510 pin that will create errors in reading and misfires. But the CuBox didn`t show any problems regarding this aspect.

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On top there is the display that is fan shaped. An interesting fact is the one that this mod does not show any information regarding the wattage or power readings. Therefore there is no menu to scroll and no settings to adjust. Instead, when firing the mod, the display lights up the Joyetech logo.

The battery life is displayed under the form of 5 bars. Therefore, according to the manual 5 bars means 90-100% battery power, 4 bars means 70-89%, 3 bars means 30-69%, 2 bars means – 10-29%, while only 1 bar means 1-9% batter power. The battery can last a whole day and for the ones who do not vape all day long, it can last even a couple of days. The battery is integrated in the mod. This means you will not have to purchase any other batteries or external chargers. There is the possibility to charge the device by the help of the USB cable.

The mod has a micro USB port that is located on one side of the mod. The port is parallel to the fire button. Right underneath, the mod has ten venting slots that will help batteries to dissipate heath. When in use, the venting slots make some good work as there are no heating problems with the mod.

Joyetech CuBox Review 5

The maximum power of this mod is of 50 watts according to the specs and as the device does not indicate that anywhere, you`ll need to trust Joyetech this time. Basically the CuBox mod is a device with direct wattage which it means that there are no possibilities to make any adjustments. Instead of that, the mod itself detects the coil while trying to make automatic adjustments that can reach the optimal power level. The output wattage will decrease with the battery.

By trying the CuBox mod you could get surprised on how fast the draw is. There is no ramp-up time so basically you get a direct and fast mouth to lung draw. The flavor is nice, especially when the coil heads are fresh. Still, there is a little bit of a problem in the sense that when fully charged the mod tends to overpower leading to nasty burnt taste production.

We Like:

  • Pretty long life battery
  • Easy to use
  • Pocket friendly

We Don’t Like:

  • Fixed settings that cannot be changed
  • Tends to overpower which leads to dry hits


It seems like there are a few problems regarding the CuBox mod that Joyetech missed while focusing on the small design and long life battery. The battery works well and it mentain good MTL vape.

The mod looks like is designed for the ones who want a stealth vaping experience without too much effort. So this mod can be a good option for beginners who want to go directly on vaping without having to set up anything. On the other hand, the CuBox is not a good option for people who like to personalize their settings or for the ones who like to make changes very often.

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