One essential element of a nice vaping experience is the e-liquid you chose. There is a wide range of e-liquids on the market for any type of vaping device. There are many manufacturers that do not only create devices, but they also provide the needed accessories, including e-liquids.

This is also the case of the Jac Vapour that has fast grown on the e-liquid market. In fact, they have just released their brand new set of e-liquids made in UK. So let’s find out more about their quality in the review below.

Before starting, it is important to know that all products are tested just to make sure that they complete all the safety standard checks. So, JAC guarantees that all products are safe to use by adults.

Every single bottle has a capacity of 10 ml of e-liquid that can be enough for a good amount of time even for heavy users. The e-liquids come packed in individual boxes and this is a plus regarding the attention to detail providing a unique design for each one.

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I find it nice that the boxes also have various colors just to be much easier to get the wanted flavor without having to even read the label. For instance, the British blend of tobacco has a blue color on the box while the Cool menthol e-liquid has a light green color on the box, so they are pretty intuitive.

The packaging has a clean design, there is not too much to say about it. It just clearly states the type of liquid included and some warning details on the side.

The e-liquids are a mix of 80/20 of PG/VG and it almost like JAC created a time machine and brought us back to the years when this combination was extremely appreciated. There are various nicotine strengths to choose from depending on your needs.

Therefore the range can go from 6 nicotine to 18 mg which means that the liquids have as much nicotine as they can(from the legal point of view). Just make sure you will exactly select the wanted strength when you decide to purchase it.

So far so good with the Jac Vapour e-liquids, so let’s check them individually and see exactly how they taste!

British Blend Tobacco

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According to JAC Vapour, this blend is smooth and mellow. I can say they are right with the description. This flavor is nice and soft and it feels just right. The taste is pretty similar to normal cigarettes so I would say this is a good option for beginners who have just started to vape. This is also a perfect flavor for those days when you just want to get back to the classic smoking feeling.

Cherry Tart

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The sweet tooth can also be satisfied as the JAC Vapours includes a Cherry Tart flavor. It has a clean cherry flavor and you can almost feel the nice and sweet taste of an actual cherry tart. I was surprised by the nice taste that lasts in the mouth as I was expecting to get just a sugar feel. Still, the cherry taste persists which I found it as another good point for the good quality of the e-liquids created by JAC. Also, I like that they have chosen a more classic option for this edition rather than insane e-liquids flavors that are available nowadays.

Classic Menthol

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The classic menthol flavor is a light minthy one that doesn’t dissapoint. In fact, for a person who doesn’t like menthol, this flavor is pretty acceptable. I personally don’t like that much menthol, still this edition of JAC is refreshing and cool. It even gets better with every draw taken so this might be one of the best menthol tastes I’ve ever had.

Ice Menthol

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From a nice, smooth taste of the Classic Menthol e-liquid. Personally, the menthol flavor on this one is way too strong, but I really think there will be a lot of people that will just love it. And the five stars on the JAC webpage kind of confirms that. This taste abounds in menthol with every draw you take and it is perfect for the ones who want to get an almost instant refresh.

Turkish Blend Tobacco

JAC Vapour Originals E-liquids Review

This is where the interesting part comes on stage as you can expect to get a cherry flavor in a Cherry e-liquid but what can you get in a Turkish blend? This flavor is a really interesting, as the name well states, for this e-liquid JAC got inspiration from the Turkish delights. Personally, I’ve never tasted anything similar to it. The flavor brings a nutty taste that is very nice and it is specially created for the ones who want to get back to more earthy flavors. An interesting thing is that these kinds of blends make people who taste it to get different flavors. For instance, one of my friends didn’t feel any nutty flavors and she said it’s just too sweet but I didn’t find it sweet at all. So this is a very subjective matter as probably each person might get a different flavor fingerprint.

American Blend Tobacco

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This flavor tries to be a replica of the American tobacco flavors that are quite popular. The taste is a blend of tobacco and a little bit of sweetness. I personally liked this flavor but it doesn’t stand out with anything special. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad flavor, it is just an average one.

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JAC Vapour Originals E-liquids

JAC Vapour Originals E-liquids

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JAC Vapour Smoking E-liquids

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JAC Vapour e-liquids collection represent a great deal to catch. JAC even provides better prices if you decide to purchase more than just one bottle of e-liquid. The quality and the rich taste of every single flavor transforms this brand into a chosable one from newbies to pros. All the e-liquids work are verry well made,offering a brilliant throat hit. In case you decide to get the complete edition, you will get the best of both worlds as JAC nicely included a great variety of flavors that are not exagerated in any way.

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