The vaping market grows more and more with every day, and it looks like the manufacturers are oriented on creating simple devices that are extremely portable. This is also the case of the IQ Level Pod System from Hangsen, that is a nicely designed device with simple features. So let`s just find out more about it!

There is not too much to choose in terms of colors, as the mod is available only in black. Still, this color adds a classic and nice look to the device, and maybe, in the future, the Hangsen will just consider other colors or patterns for it.

In the box you will get the IQ ultraportable system, a user manual that includes important information to read before starting using the device and a USB to micro USB cable for charging it.

IQ Level Pod System Review


IQ Level Pod System Review 1

All in one system

With a 3.7 V output voltage, the IQ level pod system includes an all in one vaping process where you just have to draw in order to vape. There are no tanks to install, coils to build or settings to make which can be a big plus for beginners. Also, there are not a lot of accessories to carry around, therefore this mod gets a high degree of portability.

Pre-filled IQ pod system

The mod works on a flavored close pod system, you just have to place inside in order to start vaping. There are different flavors to choose and a 1.8 atomizer resistance for a nice and smooth vaping process. The pods are really easy to use and they are pretty convenient.

Plug and play connection

The plug and play connection is a nice feature that allows you to vape, even when the device is charging. This is how you can get the maximum in terms of usage when it comes about this mod.

Integrated battery

The 200 mAh cell integrated into the mod will just make your life easier. You will be able to charge the cell through the USB port and the LED indicator on the interface of the device will keep you informed about the battery life.

Diving In

IQ Level Pod System Review 2

Oh my, this device is really slim and classy! It has a nice rectangular shape with soft edges, just to make sure that it will be comfortable to keep in hands. The matte finish is just the right touch for a nice dosage of elegance. For sure this is one of the most portable devices I`ve ever seen so you can carry it around in your pocket or bag, without having to worry that different buttons will get accidentally pressed and the settings will get changed. Even more, you can hide it in your palm, without anyone noticing you actually keep the mod in your hands, which is amazing.

On the very top the device comes with a sort of hole where you will have to place the pods with flavor for vaping. The nice part regarding these pods is that there is no wrong way on how you place them inside the device. This is how the vaping experience can be nice and simple.

IQ Level Pod System Review 3

Regarding the pods, they are not included in the box, still, you will be able to purchase them separately. They are quite expensive, therefore make sure you will purchase them as well if you decide to get the IQ pod system. Normally, a pack of pods from Hangsen, especially made for the IQ, includes four types of flavors: menthol, tobacco, strawberry and blueberry. Each pod is nicely packed and sealed separately. The nicotine strength inside a pod is of 50 mg and the coil can go up to 1.8 ohms. One pod have a capacity of 0.9ml of e-liquid.

IQ Level Pod System Review 4

There are a lot of pluses regarding these pods. For instance, every time you`re switching the pod, basically you get a brand new mouthpiece which is fantastic. Another plus is the fact that there are no dry hit issues with the pods. So, when the liquids from a pod is done, the device will just stop from creating vapors. That`s it, no horrible taste in your mouth and no coil burning issues!

IQ Level Pod System Review 5

Also, you can interchange the pods between them, so you won`t have to wait until you use the whole liquid or to empty the liquid chamber as the tanks used to work. This is a nice plus for the ones who get bored pretty quick of the same flavor. The pods include a sort of plastic cap that will keep them safe, in case you want to change the flavors and store the current flavor for later.

IQ Level Pod System Review 6

In terms of usage, this stick is so easy to use. There are no complicated buttons and a lot of indicators and there is nothing nonsense here. Everything just bonds and any person will get used with the mod in no time. In order to vape, you just have to take a draw. This is how the whole system will get activated and it will directly start to work.

IQ Level Pod System Review 7

The battery is integrated and, in case you wonder how much battery you have left, well, you just have to follow the LED indicator located on the side of the device. Therefore, the green LED light will mean that your battery is charged 100%, the yellow light means, as you probably guessed, 50% and the red light will mean that the battery needs to be charged. On the very bottom, there is the charging connector port for a fast and easy charge through the magnetic USB cable.

IQ Level Pod System Review 8

Overall, the vaping process is nice and smooth. The device is ridiculously easy to use. Definitely, it is very discrete, but also in terms of cloud creating. So don`t expect to create massive clouds as you won`t get it with this mod. The vaping process is pretty similar to smoking, which can be a good plus for ex-smokers who have just started to vape.

IQ Level Pod System Review 9

All four flavors of the pods are nice and the taste of all four is decent, especially the menthol one that is not as strong in menthol as I thought it would be. The battery lasts for a decent amount of hours, considering the 200 mAh included, also the cell charges really quick which is a perfect option for the ones who are always on the go.

IQ Level Pod System Review 10

We Like:

  • Easy to use
  • Pod system
  • Draw activated system
  • Dry hit protection
  • Very slim and classy

We Don’t Like:

  • Pods are not included in the actual box – you need to purchase them separately


All in all, the IQ level pod system is a unique and nice piece that for sure will be priceless for many users. It is a perfect option for beginners who don`t know exactly how to make complicated mods work with all their settings and accessories that need to be installed. On the same time, the IQ mod is perfect for the ones who are traveling or for the pros who just like to take a pause from rich clouds and want an elegant and smooth vaping process.

IQ Level Pod System Review 5
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