Here it is, maybe the most elegant pod system out there, the IQ 3Secs produced by Hangsen. The build quality and the clean style this electronic cigarette has reminds me of Apple products. Seems to be a smaller iPod (get it? Pod system, iPod). This little device has a built-in battery of 400mAh and can hold in his refillable pod 2ml of e-liquid.

Let’s check out what is in the box, what are the features and proceed to tests. In terms of color, this device comes in 3 versions. Black with gold edges, black with black edges and white with gray edges. Remember, the black versions are fingerprint magnets.

Inside the box, we find one battery(body of the pod system), one empty 2ml pod, one bottle of 5ml, one micro USB magnetic cable, one User guide and one Caution card.

IQ 3 Secs Review


IQ 3 Secs Review 1

Compact and elegant

This great pod system of small dimensions (108.00mm x 36.00mm x 10.40mm with the pod inside) is comfortable in hand. The rounded edges create a nice felling when touch.

Fast charging

The built-in battery can be fully charged in half an hour. Being able to sustain your ‘vape needs’ up to 1 day(moderate vaping).

Easy to refill

Besides the battery, pod and the USB cable, in the box, you will find a 5ml bottle which will help you refill your pod faster.

Diving In

IQ 3 Secs Review 2

IQ 3Secs refillable pod system review

This pod system is one of the best out there, featuring eye-catching design, big 2ml(for a pod system) e-liquid capacity, acceptable fast charging 400mAh built-in battery. Looking at this device you will see on the back side one little plastic windows designed for checking the e-liquid level in your pod.

A cont here is that the window will not provide you with any information as through the window you will not be able to see almost anything as the pod is semi-transparent black and there is no light on the other side. The placement of the window reminds a photo/video camera on a phone.

The e-cigarette is very comfortable in hand, the curve lines make it very easy to keep in hand. This pod system activates automatically when you start to inhale. There is no button present on the surface of this device, which makes it very clean, simple and elegant.

IQ 3 Secs Review 3

On the front side, we have a TFT 0.96-inch display which is quite useless, besides the percentage indicator of the battery. When activated, on the screen a little animation of “Puffs” will start rolling. The good news is that the screen will not consume much power and let’s face it, its presence adds to this pod system a little more “coolness”.

IQ 3 Secs Review 4

On the top (with pod removed), we can see the connectors, the air flow holes and two strong magnets that will keep the pod in place.

IQ 3 Secs Review 5

The pod is very well built, taking advantage of all the space inside, providing the biggest e-liquid capacity it can offer at his dimensions. On the bottom side, we find the refill hole protected by a rubber cap. The bottom end of the pod is covered in a metallic sheet, securing in this way the pod in the battery using the magnets.

On the bottom of the battery, we find a micro USB port and 6 venting holes which are also used in the auto firing system.

IQ 3 Secs Review 6

But how about vapor? The vapor production of this pod system is medium, it can be used mostly as an MTL device but you can also use it as a DL device. However, don’t expect massive clouds. The coil inside has a resistance of 2ohm. The taste of the vapor is very rich. Remember to wait for the first time you refill the cartridge up to 15 minutes to avoid burning the coil.

We Like:

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Easy e-liquid refill
  • Good price

We Don’t Like:

  • No settings to adjust


So now, the IQ 3 Secs, should you buy it or not? The answer is simple, yes you should. Being an pod system which is quite unique, with great performance. You can consider this device if you are looking for your first MTL vaping kit or if you want to have another electronic cigarette in your pocket. The price of this “kit” is under 50$.

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