Today we are going to review the iKuun i200 with MELO 4 kit which can be a nice addition to your mods collection.

There are no more than six nice colors available for this kit: silver, black, white, greenery, blue and red.

The standard configuration is: one iKuu i200, one MELO 4 atomizer(D22 or D25 type), one EC2 0.5ohm coil, one EC2 0.3ohm coil that is pre-installed, one QC USB cable, two user manuals and some spare parts.

Ikuun i200 with MELO 4 Kit 3 Review


Ikuun i200 with MELO 4 Kit 3 Review 1

New EC2 series coils

The Melo 4 has two upgraded EC2 series coils. These are based on the popular EC coils but they are improved for a better experience. You can choose between the EC2 0.5ohm coil that goes from 30W to 80W and the EC2 0.3ohm that goes from 30W to 100W.

Safer charging with temperature protection system

The Ikuu i200 mod features a temperature protection system that will help to maintain the right temperature in the charging process, ensuring the safety of the board and battery.

Comfortable to hold and use with a big fire bar

Everybody loves a mod that feels comfortable in hand and has a big fire button that works well and is easy to press. Therefore, the iKuu i200 has this big bar fire button!

Big 0.96inch screen with a new UI(User Interface)

The mod has a big screen of 0.96inch that has a new interface.

Big 4600mAh internal battery with powerful output

With the 4600mAh battery capacity, the iKuun i200 can easily reach 200W. Ensuring an entire day of vaping.

Detachable parts for easy cleaning

The MELO 4 tank features a system through which it can be easily detached in small parts in order to be cleaned fast and easy.

Diving In

Ikuun i200 with MELO 4 Kit 3 Unboxing

Ikuun i200 with MELO 4 kit

The mod looks pretty nice. It comes in a rectangular shape with soft edges. It is pretty comfortable for keeping it in hand. Even though there are six nice colors options available, all iKuu i200 mods have a 70% black finish while the rest of 30% is the chosen color. The black provides an elegant, glossy look to the mod.

If you`re wondering where the fire button is, well the button occupies literally one side of the mod. Therefore the fire button is huge, clicky, fast and easy to press.

Ikuun i200 with MELO 4 Kit 3 Hands On

On one side we found the OLED screen which is pretty big. The information available is completely readable. The screen provides information such as the power, the battery life, the resistance and the puff counter. The battery life is shown in percentage.

Below the screen, there are the up and down buttons which are built in the same button, they are clicky and easy to press. After the plus and minus button, you will see the micro USB port that is excellent for charging the mod or upgrades.

As I said earlyer the mod is firmware upgradeable, easy to update, just connect the device through USB cable at your pc and download the software for Windows or Mac.

The reset function is present in the iKuu i200, in case the mod cannot be powered after upgrading. You can find the reset button built in the up and down button. You will need a needle or something pretty sharp to press this button. The ingenious design of the reset button avoids accidental resetting.

Ikuun i200 with MELO 4 Kit 3 Hands On 1

On top, the mod has a spring connector that will be able to handle atomizers up to 25mm in diameter without overhang. The maximum output power is 200W and the mod is capable to operate in VW mode and TC mode with the Nickel, Stainless Steel and Titanium.

Just five clicks will turn on or off the mod. You can increment the watts by pressing the up button and if you press it for longer the increment will speed up. Press the fire button three times and by the help of the up and down buttons choose the wanted mode.

Press the fire button again and you have just set your favorite mode. The battery life and power is still shown on screen when accessing the mod menu.

In order to lock the mod you can press the up and down buttons at the same time. The menu will require a little bit of time in order to fully understand.

The Ikuun i200 includes the classics built-in protections like the overcharging, over current and over discharging.

God to have the temperature protection system that will ensure the right temperature when the mod is charging. On the very bottom the mod we have some nice venting slots for heat dissipation.

The MELO 4 tank blends nicely with the mod itself. The tank is composed of a mouthpiece, a top cap, a glass tube, an EC2 coil and an atomizer base. These parts are detachable one from the other, easy to clean and maintain.

You can fill up the tank with juice with the help of the retractable top fill. You can easily slide the top cap with the drip tip attached for easy refilling. The kit comes with two kinds of atomizers, the 2ml/D22 type and the 4.5 ml/D25 type. The number after the D represents the diameter of the atomizer.

We Like:

  • Long battery life
  • Easy to press the fire button
  • Reset button

We Don’t Like:

  • Fingerprint magnet
  • It takes a little bit of time to understand the menu


All the features and protections included transform the iKuu i200 with MELO 4 into a very nice kit. The mod works well, the battery life is pretty long and the vaping experience on the Melo 4 good.

Ikuun i200 with MELO 4 Kit 3 Hands On 2
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