Dry herb vaping eliminates the need to mix the product with tobacco, which many consumers prefer to avoid. Vaporizers also heat the herbs to release the THC, CBD, and terpenes, rather than combusting them, providing a cleaner, smoother hit and fewer contaminants like benzene and carbon monoxide.

What’s the difference between Herb-e and other vaporizers?

Several factors set the Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer apart from its competition. For its low price, it features excellent functionality and reliability in a modern, stylish package. MigVapor has gone for the popular USB-stick design. It’s only available in black, but the device is sleek, chic, and functional.

Herb-e Micro package img

Using a dry herb vaporizer is also far more discreet than taking cannabis from a bowl, bong, or joint because they look like any other vaping device. Users also save on product – bud used in a dry herb vaporizer can be vaped again or removed from the chamber and used for cooking.


MigVapor uses metal wrapped in carbon fiber for the Herb-e vaporizer’s body and aerospace aluminum for the chamber. The carbon fiber used in the body reduces heat leakage from the device. This keeps the heat inside the device – right where it’s needed – and makes it far more comfortable to hold during use.

Herb- E chamber img

The chamber is situated beneath the magnetic mouthpiece, which is easy to attach and remove as required. The chamber holds up to half a gram of product, but MigVapor recommends only filling it to 75% of its capacity for optimal results.

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An emoji-like face stamped on the body of the device houses the indicator lights in its eyes, giving the device tons of style and cute-factor. The device also packs a 1,200 mAh battery, easily chargeable via micro-USB.


MigVapor designed the Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer with ease of use in mind. Five clicks of the power button switch the device on. It offers two temperature modes, aptly named to tie in with its cartoonish indicator lights.
In “happy mode,” the eyes will glow yellow. This mode provides a lighter vape for a more relaxed experience. Holding the button for five seconds turns the eyes red, switching the device to “angry mode.” This mode boosts the temperature, providing thicker clouds and a stronger, more flavorful hit. MigVapor claims the Herb-e micro vaporizer can power ten angry-mode sessions between charges.

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Naturally, angry mode guzzles more battery than its more chilled counterpart, but it’s great there are multiple options to suit all vapers. Happy mode is also perfect for those who want to vape discreetly, as it creates a smaller cloud.

When first powering the device on, the lights will blink for around 15-30 seconds, to indicate the device is heating the herbs. The device takes a little longer to come to temperature in angry mode than it does in happy mode. When the lights stop blinking, the product is ready to vape.
No additional buttons are needed – the user simply draws from the mouthpiece. The manufacturer recommends two-minute sessions before allowing the product to cool, which all happens automatically to preserve the quality of the herbs.
Cleaning the Herb-e is also quick and easy, and buyers get everything they need in the box. After separating the three main components, wipe the body and mouthpiece down with an alcohol swab. Then use the included tweezers and cleaning brush to remove any old product from the chamber before filling it back up.
The Herb-e micro vaporizer is only compatible with dry herb product and cannot be used with cannabis concentrates.

Ultra Portability

Thanks to its high-grade materials and modern design, the Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer is small and lightweight. It’s easy to hold and carry around in a pocket or purse. Herb-e is an excellent option for those who look for portability in a vaporizer.

Herb-e: What’s in the box?

The Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer comes with everything required to get started and keep the device well-maintained. The box contains the device itself, plus a pair of tweezers for removing the interior mouthpiece and picking out pieces of used product from the chamber.

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It also packs three pipe cleaners for keeping the chamber tidy and an alcohol wipe to remove any residue. Herb-e buyers also get a user manual and a 90-day warranty.
When buying directly from MigVapor, optional extras include a smell-proof container and an aerospace aluminum grinder, both available at a discount when purchased with the Herb-e device.

Alternatives to herb-e micro vaporizer

Pax 3

The PAX 3 is another popular dry herb vaporizer. It’s similar in design, though it’s not quite as stylish as the Herb-e. It does come with a 10-year warranty as opposed to the Herb-e’s 90 days, although the PAX 3 is significantly pricier than the Herb-e, considering it’s not especially more powerful or functional.

Pax 3 silver image

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is also a popular choice among dry herb vapers. It features a different look, more customizability, and app support, but it’s not quite as portable or discreet as the Herb-e. Performance is on par but, like the PAX 3, the Firefly 2 is more expensive.

Firefly 2 img

We Like:

  • Easy to use
  • Stylish and modern
  • Fantastic performance for its price
  • Everything comes in the box

We Don’t Like:

  • Only comes with a 90-day warranty
  • Chamber is a little on the small side
  • Not compatible with cannabis concentrate
  • Only comes in black

Herb-e Dry Herb Vaporizer: Final Words

Overall, the MigVapor Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer is an exceptional product for such an affordable price. For $59.95, buyers get a clean, modern, stylish device that provides flavorful hits time after time. Everything is included in the starter kit, making the Herb-e one of the best value products on the market.
MigVapor’s Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer is available to buy directly from the manufacturer, and wherever good dry herb vaporizers are sold.

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