Vaporizers like these can be taken anywhere, but they’re not the kind of vapes that someone would want to take to town. Rather, they’re all about power, and they’re fine with compromising in terms of portability in order to blow someone’s mind with their ridiculous vapor production.

What’s in the Box?


  • The Ghost MV1 vaporizer
  • The Ghost MV1 battery pack
  • A charging cable
  • The quick start guide
  • An extra crucible and lid
  • A concentrate pad
  • 3 material picks
  • 3 alcohol wipes
  • 3 cotton swabs


Vapor and Flavor Quality

The Ghost MV1 produces ridiculous amounts of vapor, and the vapor is pretty flavorful. This vaporizer doesn’t offer the best flavor on the market, but it’s very good.

The Ghost MV1 uses some ceramic in its oven, which is a great material to use when it comes to vaporizers. Ceramic materials don’t affect the flavor of the vapor, so they typically yield very pure-tasting, flavorful vapor.


However, this vape uses stainless steel in the oven as well, and the insertable pod that Ghostvapes calls “The crucible” mostly uses stainless steel in its construction.

Stainless steel isn’t the worst material to use for vaporizers, but it doesn’t provide the same flavor quality that ceramic materials can. This vaporizer’s flavor is certainly impressive, but it could be better.

Durability Review

The Ghost MV1 is a solid piece of gear that feels absolutely great in the hand. It feels like it could handle its fair share of drops, although testing this theory isn’t recommended. It’s constructed using a metal alloy that’s made to be tough, and it shows.

This vape features a glass mouthpiece, which is usually a red flag when it comes to durability, as a glass mouthpiece can easily break in the user’s pocket. However, this vape’s glass mouthpiece can recede into the vaporizer itself where it’s almost entirely protected.


The device is undeniably large, and that’ll be a deal-breaker for a lot of people. Ghostvapes really went out of their way to perfect every other aspect of this vape in order to appeal to the handful of vapers that don’t mind a larger, heavier vaporizer.

That’s evident in just about every aspect of this vaporizer, with the exception of its portability and its discreetness. Plus, it provides a lot more functionality than most vaporizers.


This wouldn’t be a Ghost MV1 review were it to neglect one of the MV1’s best qualities: its sheer versatility.

This vape uses a removable insert that Ghostvapes calls “The crucible.” It makes loading the Ghost MV1 extremely easy because instead of loading this large vaporizer, the user only needs to load this tiny crucible vaporizer.

More vaporizers should implement removable oven pods like this. The crucible even provides extra functionality, as it works with dry herbs and concentrates. To use it with concentrates, just drop the concentrate pad inside the crucible and top it with concentrate material.

There’s actually enough room in the MV1’s insertable system for a good bit of dry herbs and concentrates. A lot of Ghost MV1 users enjoy vaping both at the same time and find that doing so is extremely simple.

Simply load the crucible with your dry herbs, place the concentrate pad on top, and top it with concentrate material. Remember to pack the dry herbs, but not so tightly that the MV1 struggles to get air through it.

Additionally, the MV1 has adjustable airflow that can be very loose or very tight, depending on the user’s preference.

This wouldn’t be a good Ghost MV1 review were we to neglect its wide array of temperature options, so let’s briefly touch on that. The MV1 is a variable temperature vaporizer with six preset temperature options that range from 284°F/140°C to 428°F/220°C.

That would’ve been enough for most vapers, as most variable temperature vapes only give the user three or four temperatures to choose from, but Ghostvapes didn’t stop there!

Despite technically being a variable temperature vaporizer, every preset temperature in the Ghost MV1 can be set to any temperature within the range of 284°F/140°C to 428°F/220°C via the Ghost mobile application.

The inclusion of a mobile app that effectively provides precise temperature control to the MV1 makes the unit more versatile without compromising its clean aesthetic with an intrusive display. Several vape brands have recently taken this approach, and it’s a great idea.

There is one tiny gripe regarding the temperature, and it’s that most people wish it went higher. 428°F/220°C is more than enough for dry herbs, but it’s more of a medium-high temperature setting when it comes to concentrates. It comes so close to perfection and misses it by an inch.

In terms of versatility, the only thing left to mention in this section of the Ghost MV1 review is the MV1’s removable battery pack. Most vaporizers die when their batteries die, but a replaceable battery can drastically increase a vape’s longevity.

Portability and Discreteness: The Only Problems

Looking at the MV1 at face value, it doesn’t do well in this category. In terms of portability, it’s massive. In terms of discretion, it literally looks like something from science fiction.


However, there are a couple of ways to look at this. The MV1 could be compared to an ultra-portable like the Pax 3, and it wouldn’t do well at all in this particular part of the Ghost MV1 review.

However, it doesn’t make much sense to compare the MV1 to a vape like that, as they’re nothing alike. From its size to its sheer power, the MV1 is nothing like most portable vaporizers. Truthfully, it’s more akin to a desktop vaporizer in those respects.

The MV1 basically offers desktop-tier performance in a portable form factor. Taking this approach, the MV1 doesn’t seem like as much of a disappointment in terms of its portability and discretion.

It really just depends on the user’s expectations and priorities. For those looking for an ultra-portable vape, this isn’t it.

However, those looking for performance comparable to a desktop vape in a portable form factor really have something to love in the MV1. How portable is it compared to most portable vapes? It isn’t very portable. However, it isn’t like most vaporizers, and it’s awesome for what it is.

Next, in the Ghost MV1 review, let’s talk about something that’s often overlooked when it comes to vapes. Let’s talk about exactly what the MV1 offers and how that functionality stacks up to the asking price. Next up in the Ghost MV1 Review: The Price to Quality Ratio.

Price to Quality Ratio

Let’s do the math and sum up the MV1. It can be used with dry herbs as well as concentrates and has a decent temperature range for both (284°F/140°C to 428°F/220°C.) There are six preset temperature options that fall within that range, and they’re all customizable.

It’s one of the only vapes on the market to allow simultaneous vaporization of both materials, and that automatically puts it in the realm of “enthusiast vaporizers” where prices tend to take a huge jump.

Additionally, it’s one of the only herb/concentrate vapes on the market with a removable battery, which firmly establishes its presence in the enthusiast category. It has a massive battery with enough power to provide a decent amount of use, which can range from 60-100 hits.

The MV1 is built extremely well with metal alloy construction, and it feels durable and premium in the hand. It features a unique design that looks, for lack of a better word, alien. It’s hard to calculate the worth of this vape simply due to the fact that there’s nothing like it.

That’s the catch. The device is truly a one of a kind vaporizer, and again, that puts in the “enthusiast category” where brands can charge pretty much whatever they want.

With that in mind, $300 isn’t a terrible asking price at all. They could’ve charged a couple hundred more if they’d really wanted to. Thankfully, they didn’t, and this vape is priced pretty similarly to a newly-released Pax or Firefly vaporizer.

While vapes like that have a variety of highly similar alternatives, the MV1 doesn’t. It’s the only thing like it on the market it because of its unique combination of features, and it’s safe to say that $300 isn’t an unreasonable price for such a vaporizer.

Tips and Tricks

Adjustable Airflow

This is a piece of information that some MV1 owners might not even know. It isn’t as obvious as a lot of the MV1’s other features, but it’ll definitely come in handy at some point or another.

It’s one of those hidden gems that are reserved for people that actually read instruction manuals, but luckily enough for the rest, Vaperevs is about to shed light on this often-overlooked feature.


Yes, the MV1 features adjustable airflow. The looseness of the airflow depends on the position of the sliding mouthpiece. As previously stated, the glass mouthpiece slides in and out of the MV1.

The further out the mouthpiece is extended, the looser the airflow will be. Similarly, the further in the mouthpiece is retracted, the tighter the airflow will be. Again, this is often overlooked, but it’s an invaluable feature once it’s recognized.

Using the Ghost MV1’s Mobile App

Despite technically being a variable temperature vaporizer, the MV1 can be set to any temperature within its supported temperature range via the Ghost mobile application. How does it work?

ghost tell app image

  • First thing’s first. Before customizing the MV1’s six preset temperature options, Ghost MV1 vaporizer users will need to download the Ghost app on their Android or iOS vaporizer.
  • Additionally, those using their MV1 for the first time should let it reach a full charge before using it.
  • Once the vaporizer is charged and ready to go, launch the Ghost application and select “pair a new vape.”
  • Next, put the MV1 into pairing mode. To do so, first allow the device to enter sleep mode. In sleep mode, no LED lights will be visible.
  • Once the MV1 is in sleep mode, the user can initiate its pairing mode by holding down both of its physical buttons until the LED lights on the MV1 begin to flash green.
  • The Ghost app should display the word “searching” until it has successfully paired with the desired Ghost MV1 Vaporizer.
  • Now, the Ghost application should be on its dashboard, the section of the Ghost app that displays most of the user’s vape session information.
  • At the bottom of the screen, to the right of the dashboard icon, there should be a gauge icon with the words “Vape Temp” beneath it. Touch it to begin customizing the MV1’s temperature presets.
  • On the left, there’s a toggle that allows the user to switch between Fahrenheit and Celcius, so go ahead and pick the preferred temperature reading.
  • Now, the Ghost application should display all six temperature presets. To edit one, simply touch it and set the temperature slider located above to the desired temperature.

It’s that easy! Additionally, there’s a lock icon to the right of the temperature icon with the words “Lock Vape” below it. As one might assume, it allows the user to lock their vape, and it won’t unlock until the user goes into their Ghost application and unlocks it manually.

This is a very useful feature for parents that don’t want their kids getting a hold of their vaporizer. Simply launch the app, lock the vape, and unlock it before the next vape session.

The Ultimate Guide

Loading and Vaping Dry Herbs

  1. Fill the crucible with dry herbs.
  2. Lightly pack the dry herbs. Packing too tightly will compromise performance.
  3. Place the included lid on the top of the crucible.
  4. Press the latch on the Ghost MV1 vape to release the pivoting crucible arm.
  5. Place the crucible inside the crucible arm.
  6. Snap the crucible arm back into the MV1.
  7. Hold the front-facing button and wait for the LED light to turn on, indicating that the MV1 is in vape mode.
  8. Hold down the button located on the back of the MV1 until it vibrates.
  9. Continue to hold down the button and take a draw.
  10. Once the draw is finished, release the button.
  11. Repeat as many times as desired.

Loading and Vaping Concentrates

  1. Place the included concentrate pad inside the crucible.
  2. Load a small amount of concentrate material onto the pad.
  3. Place the included lid on top of the crucible.
  4. Press the latch to release the pivoting crucible arm.
  5. Place the crucible inside the crucible arm.
  6. Press and hold the front-facing button to enter vape mode.
  7. Press it again to toggle through the temperature options, and repeat this step until the MV1 reaches Concentrate Mode.
  8. Press and hold the button on the back of the MV1 until it vibrates.
  9. Continue to hold the button down and take a draw.
  10. Once the draw is finished, release the button.
  11. Repeat as many times as desired.

We Like:

  • Great flavor
  • Great vapor production with dry herbs
  • Pretty good vapor production with concentrates
  • Premium, durable design
  • Can vape concentrates and dry herbs simultaneously
  • Ghost application allows the user to customize the six preset temperatures

We Don’t Like:

  • Slow-charging battery
  • Vapor production from concentrates would benefit from a higher temperature option

The Ghost MV1 Review: A Not So Portable Powerhouse

Concluding this review, it’s appropriate to say that the Ghost MV1 vape isn’t very portable for a portable vaporizer. And that’s okay! At this point in time, no ultra-portable vape could achieve what the Ghost MV1 vaporizer achieves.

It’s easily one of the most powerful and versatile vaporizers on the market. It’s quite large, but besides that, it gets almost everything right.

The MV1 is a premium vaporizer that looks and feels great, and it’s loaded with features. It can vape concentrates and dry herbs, and it can even vaporize both simultaneously. Additionally, it has six customizable preset temperature options to choose from.

The device is an absolute beast of a vaporizer, and MV1 owners can attest to this. Speaking of MV1 owners, they should comment down below and let us know about their experience. Love the device? Tell us all about it! Not a fan? Tell us why that is.

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