The original Fireluke tank was a huge hit with vapers everywhere, and the Fireluke 2 is a worthy successor. The new coils that come with the Fireluke 2 feature a new wood pulp cotton formula (90% flax cotton and 10% regular wicking cotton) that drastically improves flavor.

Freemax Twister Kit Review

The Freemax Twister Kit comes with the Freemax Twister 80W mod and the Fireluke 2 tank. Additionally, Freemax included a couple of coils in this kit: the X1 single-mesh 0.15-ohm coil (40W-90W) and the X2 dual-mesh 0.2-ohm coil (40W-80W.)

The Freemax Twister looks pretty awesome, and fans of graffiti-style art will agree. The Freemax Twister’s vibrant aesthetic won’t appeal to everyone, but those that enjoy the style will love it.

FreeMax Twister kit 80W image

What’s in the Box?

  • Freemax Twister 80W box Mod
  • Fireluke 2 Tank
  • 0.2-ohm X2 Mesh Coil (40W-80W)
  • 0.15-ohm X1 Mesh Coil (40W-90W)
  • Bubble Pyrex Tube (5ml)
  • 1 O-ring
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Warning Card

This stick mod stands out in a few ways, but one of the biggest standout features is its variable wattage. The wattage can be set anywhere between 5W and 80W. This is made possible by the dial located at the base of the Freemax Twister.

The wattage dial is a very cool idea that keeps the aesthetic looking clean without sacrificing functionality. After all, it would be a shame to obstruct the Freemax Twister’s artistic look with a display.

As previously stated, the Twister mod goes up to 80w, which will be enough for the vast majority of vapers. Power-hungry cloud-chasers might prefer something with a higher wattage, but you can only ask so much from such a small vape.

The Twister 80W has a 2300mAh battery, which is pretty standard for a vape of this size. The number of hours that an individual gets from a full charge is going to vary depending on their preferred wattage, but, typically, a full charge will last for two full tanks.

FreeMax Twister battery 80W img

In terms of flavor, the included Fireluke 2 is superb. Mesh coils are known for their flavorful vapor, and Freemax makes some of the best on the market.

Their previous mesh tanks and mesh coils from Freemax were groundbreaking, and their new coils’ alterations build on that success. For those that are wondering, yes, the Fireluke 2 supports the old Fireluke coils.

The Fireluke 2 tank accompanying the Freemax Twister will have a matching aesthetic, which is great! A lot of thought clearly went into the design of the Freemax Twister, so a matching tank only makes sense. Additionally, the Fireluke 2 has a rotating adjustable airflow mechanism at the base.

Build Quality and Design

The Freemax Twister’s build quality is pretty great. It has a steel frame that feels very premium in the hand. More importantly, it feels sturdy. This stick vape mod’s wattage control system is pretty unique and rather brilliant. There’s a wattage dial located at the base of the device.

Adjusting the wattage is as simple as rotating it. The various wattage options are labeled on the dial, but often, there won’t even be a need to look at it.

FreeMax Twister green 80W image

When adjusting the dial, there’s a “click feedback” for every 5 watts. In other words, if the current wattage is 25W, rotating the dial until the “click” happens will place the new wattage at 30W. It’s a pretty thoughtful and innovative color choice.

The fact that the Twister 80 even has variable wattage is a very pleasant surprise. This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a stick-style mod with variable wattage, but variable wattage stick mods are typically a lot more expensive. This is a very competitive, high-quality mod.

The Freemax Twister 80W and the Fireluke 2 have a matching design that features a vibrant, graffiti-style aesthetic. The paint job seems very high-quality and feels like it’ll last. Freemax used a special application method that they call “color water transfer printing.”

Whatever that means, it seems to have done the job well. The paint doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon, so the Freemax Twister and Fireluke 2 should retain their vibrant design for a while.

Charging and Battery Life

The Freemax Twister features a 2300mAh battery, which isn’t that surprising. That’s a pretty standard battery capacity for a vape of this size. According to Freemax, a full charge will provide 150 puffs.

FreeMax Twister usb 80W img

No one counts their puffs, so it’s understandable if that’s hard to comprehend. According to a lot of Twister 80 users, a full charge will last anywhere from one and a half tanks to two full tanks depending on the set wattage and the coil being used.

Obviously, vaping at higher wattages will drain the battery faster. Additionally, different coils will affect the battery’s life differently. The number of coils in a tank doesn’t technically matter when it comes to battery life. A coil’s ohm reading, however, will affect battery life.

This can throw some people off, but coils with a higher ohm reading are actually better for battery life. That being said, the 0.2-ohm X2 coil is going to be kinder to the Twister’s battery than the 0.15-ohm X1 coil.

Around the fire button, there’s an LED light that indicates the Freemax Twister’s battery life. A green light indicates that the battery life is between 65% and 100%, while the yellow light indicates that it’s between 65% and 30%. A red light indicates that the battery is under 30%.

When charging the Twister, the same LED light will be illuminated. The same percentages apply for every LED color.

The Twister’s one downside is the amount of time it takes to charge, which is a real shame as that’ll be a deal-breaker for a lot of people. It takes over three hours to get a full charge. Again, that’s a real shame considering this is an otherwise fantastic vape.

Fireluke 2 Tank

Like the Twister 80W, the Fireluke 2 is constructed with steel, and it uses a 5ml pyrex glass bubble to hold e-liquid. There’s a slide-filling mechanism located near the top of the Fireluke 2 that makes refilling the tank very easy.

FreeMax Twister drip tip 80W img

When the Fireluke 2’s sliding mechanism is opened, it exposes an extra hole that’s intended to release air pressure. This reduces that possibility of leaking and flooding. It’s evident that high-quality, precision engineering went into both the Freemax Twister and the Fireluke 2.

The Fireluke 2 includes a replaceable 810 drip tip, and it has two adjustable airflow slots located at its base. The airflow range is pretty comprehensive.

With the airflow slots completely open, it provides a pretty loose draw. It isn’t the loosest, but it’s very good. Alternatively, those that prefer a tighter draw can incrementally adjust the airflow slot until it hits exactly how they like.

The Fireluke 2 Tank uses mesh coils. Mesh coils, at this point, aren’t a new idea. Several different vape brands have taken a swing at the mesh coil design, but none have pulled it off quite as well as Freemax.

Additionally, none have made mesh coils rated for the comparatively high wattages that Freemax’s coils can handle. So, why are mesh coils such a big deal?

Regular coils are shaped like, well, coils. Mesh coils aren’t, but they’re called coils regardless, simply because “coil” has become the default name for a vaporizer’s heating mechanism. Mesh coils are made from several different wires that are woven together like a wicker basket.

This design is superior to that of the typical coil for a couple of reasons. It covers a greater surface area, resulting in better vapor production.

Instead of having one or two coils wrapped around some cotton, tanks like this have what is basically a sheet of woven metal that completely covers the wicking material. Additionally, this design distributes heat more evenly. This results in much smoother, more flavorful vapor.

The Fireluke 2 comes with two coils: the X1 and the X2. The X1 is a 0.15-ohm single mesh coil that operates between 40W and 90W, while the X2 is a 0.2-ohm dual mesh coil that operates between 40W and 80W.

The X1 can potentially provide better vapor production than the X2, but the X2 is going to be better for battery life. There’s a third coil option: the X3. Sadly, it isn’t included with the Freemax Twister Kit and needs to be purchased separately.

That being said, the additional purchase of the X3 will be worth it to a lot of vapers considering how much of an improvement it is. It’s a 0.15-ohm triple mesh coil. It’s identical to the X1, with the exception of its two extra layers of mesh coil. Why does that matter?

The extra mesh coils will improve both vapor production and flavor. Different vapers will have different preferences, but those that want the most flavorful and most plentiful vapor will want to get their hands on the X3 coil.

Coil Replacement

Replacement coils for the Fireluke 2 can be found on most online vape shops. That includes but is not limited to sites like Vapewild and VaporFi. At online vape shops like these, vapers can find the X1, X2, and X3 coils.

Believe it or not, these aren’t the only coil options. The Fireluke 2 is backward compatible, meaning it can be used with coils from the original Fireluke.

The Fireluke 2’s coils are considerably better, so there isn’t really a reason to use the old coils. However, the option is there for those that want it. Those that have extra coils from their old Fireluke have something to be happy about.


The Freemax Twister’s 80 watts of power is a decent offering. Whether or not it’s enough will depend entirely on the user. It might be somewhat overwhelming for vapers that are used to smaller vapes, while it might not be enough for the most power-hungry cloud-chasers.

Vapers know what wattages they’re accustomed to, and they’ll know whether or not this feature set suits their style of vaping. The Freemax Twister is awesome for what it is. It isn’t the most powerful or the most portable, but it finds a nice middle ground and has a very appealing price.

The Freemax Twister 80W might not be the most powerful vape out there. However, it’s easily one of the most flavorful. Mesh coils are some of the best for flavor, and Freemax has mastered the mesh coil design. This is, without a doubt, one of the best vapes for flavor.

That superb flavor paired with the vapor production that 80 watts provide is a very satisfying experience. Cloud-chasers know that high-wattage devices sacrifice flavor for vapor production.

That being said, the Freemax Twister provides a very nice balance between vapor production and flavor. An 80-watt mod debatably falls within the category of “cloud-chasing mods.”

Those that want a cloud-chasing experience that doesn’t compromise flavor will absolutely love this mod. It’s truly one of the only vapes on the market that offers such an experience.

We Like:

  • Superb flavor
  • Great design and build quality
  • Features variable wattage
  • Multiple coil options

We Don’t Like:

  • Takes over three hours to charge


Uwell Nunchaku 80W TC Kit

In terms of appearance, the Uwell Nunchaku is neither better nor worse than the Freemax Twister. It’s just different. The Freemax Twister has a vibrant, graffiti-style aesthetic.

Alternatively, the Uwell Nunchaku has a more sophisticated design with more subdued colors and a chrome finish. Like the Freemax Twister, the Uwell Nunchaku has a maximum wattage of 80 Watts. It’s shorter and wider than the Freemax Twister and uses an 18650 battery.
The Uwell Nunchaku’s 18650 battery is replaceable, while the Freemax Twister’s battery is not. That’s great for the Nunchaku, as a replaceable battery gives the user even more control over the fine details of their vape session. A different battery can make a huge difference.

However, the Uwell Nunchaku doesn’t come with a battery, and it’s already almost twice as expensive as the Freemax Twister. The Nunchaku doesn’t have the mesh coils that make the Freemax Twister’s vapor so flavorful, and it shows.

The Uwell Nunchaku image

The Nunchaku’s flavor is by no means bad, but the Fireluke 2’s flavor is on another level. To be fair, very few tanks come close to the Fireluke 2’s flavorful vapor. The few that do were made by Freemax and use coils that are nearly identical.

The Smok Stick 80W is another potential competitor, and it’s very similar to the Twister. Like the Freemax Twister 80W, it’s an 80-watt, stick-style mod with steel construction. Even the price is nearly identical.

SMOK Stick 80W Kit

The aesthetic design is considerably different, as the Smok Stick 80W has a more traditional single-color design with a gloss finish. Besides that, there are two main differences between the Smok Stick 80W and the Freemax Twister: the coils and the batteries.

Smock Stick 80W image

The Smok Stick 80W and the Freemax Twister 80W are at a draw here. They’re extremely similar in both price and design, and each has its own advantages.

Final Verdict

The Freemax Twister will appeal to a wide range of people. Even those that prefer something with more power might give it a try. It offers a cloud-chasing experience with unparalleled flavor. It’s likely that a lot of cloud-chasers will be fine with sacrificing a little power for flavor.

It probably won’t be their primary vape. Cloud-chasers are all about the vapor production, after all. It is, however, something that most cloud-chasers would be happy to have around.

Additionally, it’ll probably appeal to low-wattage vapers as well. Its 80 watts of power isn’t intimidating enough to repel most newcomers.

It’s found this nice middle-ground where it can potentially appeal to almost any vaper.The word “balance” has popped up a lot in this review, and that’s because, in almost every aspect, this is just a very well-balanced vape.

Yes, it’s well-balanced in almost every aspect. “Almost” being the key word. This is an amazing piece of technology with one big problem: charging time.

Three hours is a lot of time to wait, but there’s really nothing else negative to say about this stick vape. Plus, it has a lot of positive attributes that greatly outweigh the negative ones.

For instance, the Fireluke 2’s flavor is unparalleled. In terms of flavor, it’s easily one of the best tanks on the market right now. If that wasn’t enough, the build quality and design are great. The wattage dial was an awesome idea, and its “5-watt click” feature is nothing short of innovative.

For only $35, it’s amazing that the Twister’s battery life is its only problem. Virtually everything else is perfect, from its flavor to its design. This is an extremely high-quality and competitive vape from Freemax.

Freemax Twister owners should chime in down below! Leave a comment and let us know about your experience. Love the Freemax Twister 80W? Tell us why. Having problems with it? Let us know.

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